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Kate Middleton and William will move to Windsor to be closer to the queen

The Dukes of Cambridge are looking for a home and choosing a new school for the children. But behind the decision there is not only the concern for the health of the grandmother …

The Cambridge Iduks want to move to Windsor to be closer to the Queen. As has been rumored for some time, next summer Prince William and Kate Middleton will leave Kensington Palace to get closer to grandmother Elizabeth, who has settled in Windsor on a permanent basis.

They will not go, however, as was believed at first, to Fort Belvedere, the so-called "forgotten castle" of Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson. They will prefer, according to information gathered by the Sun and the Daily Mail, a smaller estate, although they have already had to exclude Frogmore Cottage, whose lease Harry has just renewed, and Adelaide Cottage, which is already occupied at the moment. To confirm the intentions of the dukes, it seems there is also the fact that they are moving to find a new school for their children in Buckinghamshire, Surrey or Windsor.

But it's not just the grandmother's health concerns behind this decision. "William and Kate want to be closer to their grandmother, but that's not the only reason they move," a source told the Sun. "The dukes above all want to keep Prince Andrew away from the queen. His presence at His Majesty's side during the commemoration for Prince Philip has left both William and his father dismayed, who are not at all happy that, after all that has happened, Prince Andrew spends so much time with his mother. ".


To mere mortals, this might seem a petty form of jealousy, but for the members of the Firm – as the Crown is called – things are a bit different: "At the commemoration everything was perfect, no one can say otherwise, but the Famiglia understands that there are certain steps that there is no going back. This is why they now fear that Andrea's buzzing around his mother is nothing more than a ploy to return to public life. Charles and William believe that he wants to exploit the closeness to the queen to obtain rehabilitation ».

The prince had been banished from public life after being involved in the Epstein scandal and, according to the Mirror, Charles and William did everything to prevent Andrea from having such a high profile position at the commemoration of Philip. But their objections had not been accepted by the Sovereign, who had absolutely wanted her favorite son of hers by her side in that very important moment.

Moreover, Andrea already lives close to the queen and, if when Her Majesty was hit by Covid everyone was happy that there was someone close to her (at least, closer than the Wessex), now that the emergency has passed, the brothers (and his nephew) believe that Andrea must "go back to his place, that is, far away". Therefore, in extreme evils, extreme remedies and, since a move by Carlo and Camilla would be too obvious, it is up to William and Kate to prepare the boxes. After all, the Queen doesn't necessarily want her daughter-in-law Camilla too close at hand, while she'd be happy to have George, Charlotte and Louis around. So three children will be the ones to keep the peace in the family.

Michael Zippo
[email protected]
Sources: ioDonna, Vanity Fair


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