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Jodie Foster returns to TV series, will star in “True Detective 4”

It will be her first major role in a TV series of hers in her adult career. And she will also be an executive producer. Let’s forget the suffering Matthew Mcconaughey and the intense Mahershala Ali (let’s draw a veil over Colin Farrell and Rachel McAdams). The great Jodie Foster will be one of the two protagonists of the new season of the TV series True Detective. In the fourth series of the franchise, she will play detective Liz Danvers and we are looking forward to it.

Jodie Foster’s first role in a TV series (in adulthood)

Not everyone knows that the icon’s career began with television. After her debut at just three years in some commercials, the actress stars in several television series. From the very first Mayberry R.F.D. she (she was six) on the Doris Day Show. But also The Nanny and the Professor, Gunsmoke, Ironside and many others.

Her real change of course comes in 1976 when Martin Scorsese offers her the role of Iris, an underage prostitute, in the film Taxi Driver, alongside Robert De Niro. It was on this occasion that she received her first Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress (later, in the course of her career, she will win two, for Under accusation in 1989 and The Silence of the Lambs in 1992).

Since that time, the artistic history of Jodie Foster (aka Alicia Christian Foster) has always gone hand in hand with cinema.

But now it’s time for her to return to the world of television series. And it will happen with the fourth season of HBO’s anthological crime drama, True Detective.

What we know about True Detective: Night Country

Nic Pizzolatto’s series is one of the strongest in the world and has quickly become a cult phenomenon. The dark tones of the new course of the series will also be told by Jodie Foster who will be one of the two detective co-protagonists.

Apparently, there will be a major changing of the guard. The historic creator, screenwriter and co-screenwriter of the previous three seasons, Nic Pizzolatto, will only play the role of the executive producer. The signing of the fourth season, however, will be Barry Jenkins, already Oscar winner for Moonlight.

In addition, Foster will also be executive producer of the season.


Author: Michael Zippo
[email protected]

Sources: VanityFair, IO Donna


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