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Jodie Comer is the most beautiful woman in the world according to science (Zendaya in second place)

An algorithm has decided: the 29-year-old British actress has the perfect features, surpassing the star of 'Spiderman' but also Bella Hadid and Beyoncé.

The star with the most beautiful features? British actress Jodie Comer. Says the Centre For Advanced Facial Cosmetic And Plastic Surgery headed by plastic surgeon Dr Julian De Silva. Below her Zendaya, Bella and Beyoncé.

Jodie Comer is the star with the closest face to perfection

It took some time but now the verdict is in. While Robert Pattinson is the man with the most beautiful face among male stars, according to Dr Julian De Silva's algorithm the number one among women is the star of the TV series Killing Eve.

With a rating of 94.53%, Jodie Comer, born in Liverpool in 1993, is the celebrity with the closest facial features to the Ancient Greek canon of absolute beauty.

Zendaya in second place

Making a stir in this beauty ranking decreed by purely scientific calculations is the sensational second place of the Spiderman star. The 26-year-old star, Tom Holland's partner and Valentino's muse, earned the position with a score of 94.37%. But that's not all.

Science vs Fans

In the ranking there are other world-famous celebrities who are considered beautiful, but the algorithm places them at the bottom. In third place – just barely – is 26-year-old supermodel Bella Hadid with 94.35%. She is followed by Beyoncé who, at 41, takes fourth place with 92.44%. But what do the fans think?

One only has to read the comments to the post on Instagram to realise that the current parameters have profoundly changed. Light years away from the cold rigour of mathematical perfection considered 'boring', today's fans prefer irregular and therefore unique faces.

Beauty is a totally subjective matter and these kinds of calculations, someone writes, can hurt people a lot for no reason.



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