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Jessica Simpson with strong body positivity message: “I’ve been at every weight and I’ve always been proud of it”

Actress Jessica Simpson has been criticised over and over again for her weight for years. Now she speaks openly about it.

Actress Jessica Simpson is no stranger to people talking about her body, but she will never get used to being publicly criticised for her weight, she shared in an interview with Extra magazine on 28 September.

The 42-year-old mother of three shared, "I've been criticised publicly and it hurts every time, but I have to get something off my chest. I've had every weight and I've always been proud of it". So Simpson seems to have a positive attitude towards all versions of her body. Criticising people over the years for knowing no other issue than her weight was even one of the reasons she started her own fashion line.

"I decided, okay, if everyone's going to talk about my weight all the time anyway, I might as well make money off it and hopefully create more acceptance by selling clothes."

This isn't the first time Jessica Simpson has spoken out about her appearance. Earlier this year, she chatted to People magazine about being proud of her body. "I always celebrate my body," she said in that interview. "The fact that it has brought children into the world is incredible…. A woman's body is phenomenal in what it can do."

Around the same time, Simpson shared a snapshot of herself in a bikini with the caption, "I've gained and lost 45 kilos three times so I never thought this moment could or would come but I'm wearing a BIKINI!!!!!! this spring," she wrote on Instagram at the time.

Here's how Jessica Simpson keeps her body fit

In the interview, Simpson also revealed that after giving birth to her third child in 2019, she started working with a nutritionist on her eating habits. She also worked with personal trainer Harley Pasternak after giving birth, who helped her take her daily steps, get into a regular sleep rhythm and exercise every other day. 

In the end, the actress emphasises: "I feel absolutely healthy. I just feel like my old self before I had kids and hormones went crazy. I actually feel younger…and I have a lot more energy."


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