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Jennifer Lopez: morning skincare is “motivational”

What does it take to have radiant skin like “Jenny from the block”? Follow her skincare tips and learn how to nourish the soul too, her real beauty secret.

Super star Jennifer Lopez also needs to start the morning on the right foot. In her latest video posted on Instagram, she showed her JLo Beauty skincare routine with the addition of a very special detail.

In fact, every morning, before starting to take care of her skin, the singer reads a motivational message, because “feeding the soul” is the real secret to her natural glow.

Jennifer Lopez, morning skincare includes a motivational message

“No filters, just natural morning light. This is my skin”. Thus begins the video of Jennifer Lopez who in a white bathrobe in front of the mobile phone camera shows her morning routine.

A regular date with her followers with whom she (for several weeks) she shares her beauty tricks about her skin and hair. But Jennifer Lopez’s skincare isn’t all about creams and serums.

Before starting to prepare, the singer reads a motivational message, to “feed her soul of her”, as well as her skin: “your success and your happiness reside in you. Resolve to keep yourself happy, and your joy will form an invincible army against hardship ”by Helen Keller. After repeating it at least twice she can start preparing.

Beauty routine and 5 steps for a glowing skin

The beauty routine is naturally signed by JLo Beauty, the brand created to share the secrets of her radiant skin with women all over the world. Start already in the shower, to optimize times and wake up gently.

Even when there is no sun it is very important to apply a veil of SPF before the face cream: it is a mantra to keep the skin bright and radiant but above all, to avoid the problem of skin spots. And this is how the secret of Jennifer Lopez’s glowing skin is revealed with a few simple steps.

Michael Zippo
[email protected]
Sources: Io Donna, VanityFair


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