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Jennifer Aniston with unstyled hair: Here the actress shows off her natural curls

Jennifer Aniston is known for her hairstyle that is always perfectly styled. Now the actress shows her natural curls and is celebrated for it. But see for yourself!

One could say that Jennifer Aniston has found her signature look and usually wears her honey-blonde, layered hair blow-dried straight or styled into light beach waves. But now she surprises her Instagram followers with a completely different look.

Jennifer Aniston: This is her natural hair

Because what hardly anyone knew: the actress has natural curls, and they also make their way in some weather conditions. On January 13, 2022, Jennifer Aniston posted two pictures of herself with tousled and curly hair on Instagram, which she had put to one side. She commented, "Okay humidity, let's go!"

It quickly becomes clear: These curls are real and can be seen. This is also proven by the 2.3 million likes that the insight into Jennifer Aniston's natural hairstyle got. The followers of the actress love the natural curls and comment: "To be honest, I really like it!", "Fantastic" or "I love these curls". Colleagues like Reese Witherspoon, Michelle Pfeiffer or Nikki Reed post various heart emojis.

What are the natural curls also great for? Cool Beach Hair Looks! Jennifer Aniston shows how cool they look in this beach selfie.

Jennifer Aniston's natural curls are reminiscent of 'Friends'

Jennifer Aniston's look also reminds many of the followers of the series "Friends", which made the actress famous. But they don't think about their character as Rachel. After all, Rachel always wore her hair in a layered look, which became one of the most popular hairstyles of the 90s as the "Rachel Cut". Her current humidity issue is more closely associated with the role of fellow actress Courteney Cox, who as Monica caused laughs as she sat in a Barbados restaurant with her hair severely disheveled and yelled, "It's the humidity!"

Jennifer Aniston agrees and posted this scene on her Instagram Stories. Incidentally, the humidity in Hawaii is responsible for her hairstyle. The actress is currently there to film the sequel to "Murder Mystery" with Adam Sandler.

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