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Jazmin Grace Grimaldi, the other daughter of Albert of Monaco

Dad Alberto only recognized her in 2006, but she always knew she was the daughter of a prince. She and she related to Grace Kelly. She today she follows in her footsteps, between the artistic side and humanitarian commitment; she has a good relationship with Charlene, and she loves a musician …

In the footsteps of grandmother Grace Kelly, Jazmin Grace Grimaldi, 30, seems to be the one who most inherited the artistic spirit of the former Hollywood star turned princess of Monaco. The girl, born in Palm Spring (California), is the first daughter of the Prince Albert of Monaco that the royal only recognized in 2006.

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Jazmin, however, she always knew she was the daughter of a prince. Her mother, the American Tamara Rotolo, who had met Ranieri's son in 1991 during a holiday on the French Riviera, never hid the truth from her. A graduate of Fordham University in New York, Jazmin has always stayed out of the spotlight, until her paternity became official. “I was 14, preparing to enter high school, when the newspapers learned that my father had a daughter, and that it was me. It is a difficult period for any teenager, it took some time to get used to the media attention », she had told long ago.

Today the two have "a wonderful relationship", and Grace jr. he also frequents the rest of the Monegasque royal family. In fact, her travels to Munich are recurrent. She accompanied her father to several official events, such as the opening of Ever 2018, a high-level convention center dedicated to international conferences and exhibitions. And she has an excellent relationship with Princess Charlène, wife of Albert and mother of the twins Jacques and Gabriella, and with all her cousins. The closest to her is Pauline Ducruet, daughter of Stéphanie. And she is also dating Alexander, the 11-year-old brother that the prince had from the hostess Nicole Coste.

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Jazmin, who has never been in the line of succession to the throne because she was born out of wedlock, has other plans for her future. She made her acting debut in the third season of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel series and has already released her first singles. She produced them by her boyfriend, singer and songwriter Ian Mellencamp (nephew of John; have been together for two years). The first Fearless dedicated it "to the victims of climate change in Fiji", as she herself told via Instagram. The daughter of the Prince of Monaco has been very close to those islands since 2006, when she created a foundation after a humanitarian trip to help train girls.

In 2015, however, he made his debut as a jazz and soul singer with a cabaret show at The Duplex, the legendary Manhattan piano bar where artists such as Woody Allen and Barbara Streisand began their careers, while in 2017 he recorded his first song, a cover of Blondie's Heart of Glass. And she doesn't end there. In addition to his career as an artist, Jazmin wants to take a postgraduate master's degree in International Relations and work for the UN World Food Program. More and more in the footsteps of grandmother Grace.

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