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Jason Momoa: This is how funny (and revealing) the actor draws attention to his Hawaiian origins

Jason Momoa: This is how funny (and revealing) the actor draws attention to his Hawaiian origins

Actor Jason Momoa was a guest on a US talk show, talked about his new film "Slumberland" and his hobby of deep-sea fishing – and finally presented a traditional Hawaiian fishing outfit.

Jason Momoa is a super guy: He cuts his hair on camera, he strolls the red carpet in his pyjamas with a little pig under his arm – and he explains to talk show presenters how to go fishing in Haiwaii in the traditional way.

Jason Momoa and his Malo: Fishing the Hawaiian way

Jason Momoa is a native Hawaiian. The US "Game of Thrones" actor was born in Honolulu in 1979 and has often sought out roles close to the water: a guest appearance in "Baywatch" or even the lead role as "Aquaman" prove that. However, Momoa also loves the sea in his private life.

In his free time, the actor and amateur climber likes to go fishing – on a boat, in a traditional Hawaiian outfit. On the Pacific islands, people wear a malo for fishing, a kind of loincloth that leaves the buttocks uncovered and only covers the bare essentials. On 23 October 2022, Jason Momoa posted pictures on Instagram of his last fishing trip in a malo and was now asked about it by talk show host Jimmy Kimmel on 9 November 2022.

Jason Momoa on Jimmy Kimmel: now already a legendary video

Jason Momoa was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel's late-night talk show on 9 November 2022. Wearing pyjamas and a pink velvet coat, the actor talked about his new Netflix fairytale "Slumberland", in which he travels the world of dreams with a little girl.

When Jimmy Kimmel asks him about his lightly clad fishing trip and shows a photo of it, Momoa explains, "It's a traditional malo that Hawaiians wear. I'm the creator, writer, actor and director of the Apple TV series 'Chief of War' and it's set in 17th and 18th century Hawaii. In it I wear a malo every day and in preparation I just wore one while fishing."

When Kimmel asks the actor if the malo is comfortable, he answers very dryly: "Yes, totally, I like it better than all other clothes now. I really wear it every day." Every day? – Every day. But because words must be followed by deeds, Momoa proves that he always wears a malo and first takes off his dressing gown and pyjama shirt – and finally the pyjama trousers under which he wears a malo , which he proudly presents to the audience. A short bow, a turn – an entry in the best, funniest and most revealing TV moment of the month should be assured for Jason Momoa. And on top of that, everyone now knows what a malo is. Mission accomplished.

Watch the video here (spoiler: from 4:20 min it's all about Jason Momoa and his malo).

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