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Jason Momoa denies flirting with Kate Beckinsale

"We're not together, I'm just a gentleman." Her jacket removed and put on her during the after party on the night of the Oscars, and everyone immediately thought of a new love.

Hold back the enthusiasm. Jason Momoa, 42, has categorically denied the flirtation with Kate Beckinsale, 48, which was attributed to him after the night of the Oscars.

So, the good news is that he is still free, the bad news is that, after the end, last January, of his almost twenty-year relationship with Lisa Bonet, perhaps he is not yet ready for a new love story.

The (denied) flirtation between Jason Momoa and Kate Beckinsale

Yet, the photos published last March 27, when the Hollywood Gotha was moving happily between dances and glasses of champagne after the Academy Awards ceremony, seemed to speak for themselves.

When the actor noticed that his colleague – in a sensual black tulle dress I see-no-see – was cold, he took off his tuxedo jacket – he has always been a true gentleman – and gave it to the actress. Indeed, he just gently placed it on her shoulders, before chatting with her – her eyes in her eyes and smiling at each other – for several minutes.

The two, immortalized during those moments, seemed really close to each other, as reported by various sources, including Etonline.

"They were standing chatting in front of the bar," a source told the Hollywood news magazine. "They both had a nice smile on their faces and seemed very involved in the conversation."

"I won't give my coat to anyone anymore!"

Jason, however, immediately curbed the enthusiasm. “This thing is crazy. There is absolutely no flirtation involved, "he declared peremptorily to Extra magazine.

"You are a very kind person, I too have been very kind, I have only behaved like a gentleman." And he then delved into the nature of that chat between friends. Kate Beckinsale is English and therefore "we were just having a conversation about her country, because I just went to England to shoot Aquaman 2". Nothing more.

Then, given her obsessive attention towards her, especially as regards her sentimental conquests, she closed jokingly: "Ok, I understand: now, I will no longer lend my coat to anyone!".

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Sources: etonline

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