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Jake Gyllenhaal wants you in layers (many, many layers)

Even Jake Gyllenhaal feels it. That biting cold. The frost that passes through the crisp sunlight. The kind of weather that makes us feel (almost) alive again, because the planet's thermostat can still remember the seasons. It is winter. Finally. And that can mean negative things for your skin, but also very positive things for your wardrobe.

You can still wear sunglasses, which is always nice. But it also means that, like Gyllenhaal, you can dress in layers to give a semblance of structure, of awareness. Since time immemorial (or, at least, ever since men started photographing themselves in front of luxurious homes that they certainly don't own) a shirt sleeve peeping out of a sweatshirt peeping out of a blazer peeping out of an overcoat is indicative of a remarkable level of menswear savvy. And it's so easy: the fashion equivalent of reading Shakespeare translated with Google Translate.

In New York, before a morning TV appearance, Gyllenhaal's layering was relatively simple. White tunic shirt (classic, but not boring). Tweed jacket (looks a bit like 2011 #menswear, actually more country club with an oversized fit and peaked lapels). Next, a navy double-breasted coat (a solid item you need, especially right now). Although this is a quiet look, it mixes preppy, classic and a bit of fashion in one look.

It is a good example to follow. But you can also go for the goblin mode. Mix and match prints and colours. Contrast them with each other. Combine tailored and sportswear and everything in between; shirts under sports jackets over fisherman's coats. Have fun with it. Because the basics of layering, and the confidence it conveys, are always a good idea. All you have to do is insert your favourite garments.

Winter is the time for playfulness, weight gain and all the layers you want.


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