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ITIL v4 books

What is ITIL?

The word (or rather, an abbreviation) is now very fashionable and very often found in publications and at IT parties. There was even a kind of fashion for the “implementation of ITIL”.

What caused such a stormy interest in ITIL?

ITIL® (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) is a library of the most effective organization and management methods for companies operating in the field of information technology, as well as for companies, organizations and institutions that want to build an effective management and interaction process both within the company and with external providers and consumers of its services.

It contains a generalized description of successful management decisions, the best practiced ways of organizing the work of IT departments of various enterprises or isolated IT companies around the world that provide information technology services.

ITIL v4 books are essentially a set of publications containing recommendations for delivering quality services and the processes and components needed to support them. The main goal of ITIL is the promotion of modern knowledge and the exchange of experience in the field.

ITIL – best practices for organizing the work of IT departments

The ITIL library describes in detail the most important and relevant areas of activity for an IT department and an IT company. The fundamental principle of ITIL is a process approach that allows you to delimit the chain of interactions of an IT structure into separate processes and clearly describe the principle of operation of each of them and the points of their interaction, based on the tasks assigned to each structural unit and to the business as a whole. Also, the ITIL library discusses the tasks, procedures and responsibilities of specific performers and structural units.

ITIL is a methodology, the essence of which is to build IT processes that will ultimately lead to the creation of a service model. In this regard, the third version, introducing the concept of the service life cycle (Service Life Cycle), is a major step towards the service model.

In fact, ITIL is nothing more than a good methodological material, which systematizes the experience in the field of IT process management, accumulated by the world’s leading companies. In different countries, business processes are different, in different companies IT processes are different, so ITIL is not an “instruction for use” and not a prescription, much less an automation standard, but a methodology. Like any methodology, it lacks information about the tools that need to be used to solve specific problems.

The implementation of the ITIL methodology is an attempt to creatively adapt someone else’s “best practices” (best practices) to solve your own, specific problems. And you need to approach this adaptation flexibly and precisely creatively – perhaps someone’s experience in managing IT processes will turn out to be better and more efficient. After all, improving the efficiency of IT processes is only a means to achieve the ultimate goal – improving business efficiency.


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