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Is Khloé Kardashian Really Single?

Can we really avert another flashback with Tristan Thompson? The news has shocked us enough: Khloé Kardashian is pregnant again, via a surrogate mother, with her ex-partner Tristan Thompson. Now, the detail that the conception took place before discovering yet another betrayal by the cestita is no small feat, but are we sure that for our Khloè it is really over? Can we really prevent yet another flashback?

To answer these questions, let's clarify the sentimental status of the founder of Good American. According to the usual well-informed, she is officially single and there is no air of rapprochement with her ex on the horizon. «Khloè is very happy to become a mother again – explained a person close to her – but she is still very angry and disappointed with Tristan. It's a bittersweet situation for her. You are trying, however, to focus on the positive aspects and on how to be good co-parents ».

We know well, however, that these assumptions, in the past, had led the two to get closer together. It is no mystery that Khloè dreams of having a close family and that she has always tried everything to achieve this goal. This time, things seem to be different: the youngest of the Kardashian sisters would have reached a new awareness, that of being able to manage her family, alone, without having to have the father of her children by her side. Something about this new mood had also emerged in the last episodes of The Kardashian, only to be confirmed in some recent interviews in which she said she was very disappointed with the behavior of the ex and that she could not forgive, again, for having come to know the betrayal through the tabloids and not by him.

So, it really looks like we can rule out the possibility of the two getting back together again. Indeed, a few days ago, rumors of a new acquaintance with another man have been chasing. He would be a private equity investor that Kim would introduce to her. Nothing serious, though: it's just a flirtation that is allowing Khloé to finally turn the page after Thompson. She continues to consider herself single and is much more peaceful than in the past.

Khloè, we sincerely wish you so. It is definitely time to look ahead and leave toxic relationships behind.

Author: Michael Zippo
[email protected]

Sources: VanityFair, IO Donna


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