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Instagram deleted the official PornHub account

Instagram deleted the official account of PornHub. It is noted that the page was deleted for violation of community rules, but PornHub did not publish pornographic content on the social network.

Variety reported that PornHub's Instagram account has been removed. The page had more than 13 million followers and more than 6,000 posts. Representatives of the social network did not disclose the exact reason for the blocking, but it is noted that the page did not publish pornographic content.

Later activist Laila Mickelwait posted a screenshot on Twitter with the reason for the blocking. The message said that the account was deleted due to a violation of community rules, but there was no reference to a specific paragraph of the rules. It's important to note that Mikelweit founded the TraffickingHub movement, which fights for the closure of PornHub and demands that the heads of the platform be brought to justice for profiting from the sexual exploitation of people.

Last year, several girls reported that they had found pornographic content on the platform with their participation, but the girls themselves had not consented to the publication of materials. Some of the girls who complained were underage. After the incident, PornHub management made it harder to publish videos on the platform. Now the site requires proof of identity and each video passes through several stages of moderation. 

In 2020, MasterCard and Visa stopped accepting payments for Pornhub. Both companies said they would not process payments because of allegations of child abuse and violence on the site.


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