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Iker Casillas: ‘I’m gay’. Twitter explodes: coming out, hacker or provocation?

In a few hours, thousands of comments were made on the tweet, which then disappeared, by the former Spain goalkeeper who wrote: 'I hope you will respect me: I am gay'. On social media, there are those who wonder if it is really a coming out, if the profile has been hacked or if it is a really unfortunate way to stop the many gossips about alleged affairs after the end of his marriage to Sara Carbonero.

"I hope you will respect me: I am gay". Just a line with the hashtag #felizdomingo added, happy Sunday. The tweet appeared on the profile of former Spanish goalkeeper Iker Casillas and came so unexpectedly that there were immediately thousands of comments before the post was deleted, after a couple of hours.

Casillas is one of the most well-known figures in the world of football. He was world champion in 2010 and European champion in 2008 and 2012 with the Spanish national team. With Real Madrid alone he has won, among other things, five Spanish championships and three Champions Leagues.  Very famous was his affair, which ended last year, with Spanish journalist Sara Carbonero, kissed live at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa by whom he had two children. Together they faced health problems that affected both of them: Casillas had a heart attack, his wife had ovarian cancer.

Today the announcement: 'Soy gay'. As said, it has already disappeared, but the comments have been in the thousands and most do not seem to believe the coming out. Among the responses was one from former Barcelona captain Carles Puyol: 'Es el momento de contar lo nuestro, Iker' with a heart and emoticon of a kiss. "It is time to tell our story".

The Spanish press first waited and kept quiet, then fielded a variety of hypotheses starting with that the tweet was the result of a profile hack. According to many, Iker Casillas chose, with this tweet, to respond with a provocation to the dozens of flirtations that have been attributed to him since his separation from Sara Carbonero. If so, it would have been an unfortunate choice and in extreme bad taste.

In the end, it was Casillas who closed the case with another tweet: his profile had been hacked. "Cuenta hackeada. Por suerte todo en orden. Disculpas a todos mis followers. Y por supuesto, más disculpas a la comunidad LGTB', translated: 'Account hacked. Fortunately, everything is fine now. I apologise to all my followers. And, of course, the greatest apologies to the LGBT community'. However, this response triggered dozens of other comments.


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