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How to get the first 1,000 followers in Instagram with the fastest SMM panel

You registered in Instagram and began to share beautiful photos, interesting and useful notes, but you see that the number of followers is not particularly growing. So what to do, how to gain followers in Instagram and attract your audience? About this is our article today.

Determine your goals

To understand how many followers you need, and what kind of people you want to attract, it is advisable to define the tasks you assign to your account. This will determine how you can attract followers. Let's look at a couple of examples.

If you are a master of manicure, conduct receptions within the same city and want to increase the number of customers, you do not need 10 000 followers, may suffice 200 – 300, but the target subscribers. So you will fit not very aggressive methods of promotion. You can ask your satisfied customers to write a post about you and share it with friends. The second option – find your audience by geolocation and subscribe to them to draw attention to your page.

The second example – you want to make money on Instagram by promoting other people's products and services. In this case, you choose a blog topic and quickly gain as many subscribers as possible. In this case, you can use more intensive methods: massliking, massfolloving, advertising from other bloggers, holding joint events.

I suggest that you think about what your objectives are, how many and what kind of people you want to bring to your page to understand which methods of engagement will work for you and which will not.

Working on your profile

To increase the number of followers on your own, you have to constantly work on the design and content of your page. Let's figure out how to properly conduct Instagram to gather a large audience.


If you are running a themed blog, then pick a speaking name for it, so that people immediately understand what you are writing about.

Provide a header description of your profile with keywords that users can use to search for content they find interesting. Be as descriptive as possible, being specific and specific about what you do. You can write up to 150 characters in the "about me" box.

Choose an attractive avatar.

Include high quality photos. Instagram subscribers are used to beautiful, clear, professional-looking photos, so few will appreciate blurry, dark and fuzzy images.

Identify your target audience, think about what they are interested in, what they are worried about, how they spend their day. Draw up as clear a portrait of your typical follower as possible.

Write interesting, catchy notes. Photos alone won't surprise anyone anymore, people want interesting stories, inspiring, motivating or entertaining texts.

Post new posts regularly, even on weekends.

Try to figure out the best time to post new content so that subscribers see it as quickly as possible. Most times are mornings, lunchtime, and the evening hours.

Use your personal and popular hashtags to promote your posts. They should be present in every post. For example, if you're writing about health, use themed tags: #health, #Health, #PPP, #sports, etc.

Put geotags so people in your city or region can find you.

Ask your readers questions, try to engage them in a dialogue, and respond to their comments.

Use verbs, calls to action, don't expect people to guess where to click and what to do to increase your sales.

Try to use all the features and innovations of the social network. Be sure to shoot Stories, add some pictures to the carousel, do live broadcasts, and put your videos on IGTV.

Remind your readers that you'd love their likes. The more hearts you get, the higher in your subscribers' feed your posts are.

Whenever possible, tag other users in your photos.

Try to post images that are bright, light and uplifting.

Learn how to edit your photos to make them even more expressive.

Keep track of the posts that get the most likes and comments to see what kind of content your audience likes.

Move the page to a business account to track stats for individual posts and the profile as a whole, and for the ability to advertise on Instagram.

Keep an eye on your competitors, look for their posts that resonate the most, and bring that up in your posts.

Try to develop a unique style so your images stand out in the feed.


All of these actions will help interest people who visit your page. Without this, all attempts to increase the number of fans will be ineffective.

Work through your profile and then start taking proactive steps to attract new visitors.

How to get new followers for free

There are several ways to make your page more popular without spending a penny:

Like and comment on other people's posts. It's good if your subject matter is related, and with a thoughtful, good comment you can get the attention of a more promoted blogger.

Another way is to argue with someone in the comments about a topic on which you feel an expert, gently, without aggression or personalities. In this way, other participants in the discussion are real active users of the social network may become interested in you and become subscribers.

Synchronize your Instagram account with Facebook and your phone book, sign up and get the same courtesy from everyone you know registered in the social network in return.

Leave a link to your profile on all available platforms: other social networks, personal website, YouTube channel.

Use the cross-posting option to share your post on several platforms at once.

Write a review about a conference, book, or webinar and tag the event organizers or the publisher's profile. Then they can publish your review on their page and direct their readers to you.

Agree on a joint promotion or mutual PR with someone from a blogger in a similar subject.

Like and subscribe to their potential followers. Some of them will go to your page and subscribe back. This is called mass liking and mass followering. If you do it manually, it's completely free. All you have to do is take the time. Be careful not to overdo it, for starters 100 actions per day and no more than 30 per hour is enough.

Ask your clients and customers to mention you in publications.

Conduct joint live broadcasts with instabloggers of similar subjects. For example, there is a psychologist who teaches women to be more confident and uninhibited, and you deal with fashion and style issues. You could easily team up for a joint event for everyone's benefit.

There are quite a few free promotion options, try them out, test them out and choose the right one for you.


Paid methods to attract subscribers

The methods described above can bring many new live subscribers to your page. They have one drawback – they require quite a lot of time and your full involvement. If you have ideas and free time, feel free to use them. And if you need to get quick results, then I suggest considering paid methods.

How to gain subscribers with special services

Many people are frightened by the word "gain", they do not want to mess with dubious programs and get fake followers for their money. In fact, the recruitment for Instagram works differently. Remember I wrote about massliking and massfollowing? Well, these actions for you can do special services, such as Instaplus, Pamagram, Zengram.

As a result, real people will come to you, look at your profile and maybe want to subscribe. The main thing is not to exceed the limits set by the administration of the social network. Automatic massliking and massfolloving should not be used if your profile is less than 3 months old, and you have not acquired the first hundred subscribers.

SMM Panels

SMM Panels

An SMM panel is an Internet marketing tool that allows businesses and individuals to use social media to promote content. With the help of such panels you can easily and quickly get subscribers, likes, comments, feedback on goods and services in social networks, and increase the number of visits to the site.

Basically all SMM panels work the same way, but some programs have their own features of services and prices. Here are the top 5 cheapest and most reliable helpers to increase audience and engagement:

Even a beginner can cope with the work in the SMM panel. It is enough to register, choose the necessary service, add a link to your social network profile and pay.

Then there are two ways to proceed: either bots or real people with live accounts will come to your page. It all depends on how much you are willing to pay and what results you want to get. 

At first glance, SMM panels resemble the usual services for scamming: customers pay users of social networks for likes, comments and reposts, and they get a chance to quickly earn. But there are some nuances that are worth sorting out.

The key difference is scale. Accrual services usually use bots, and all the purchases of views, likes, comments you make at once a package.

SMM-panels in addition to bots offer users and live actions from real people. Their goal is to help businesses and individuals expand their audience and increase brand awareness. N1Panel is probably the fastest SMM panel as of 2022.

The fastest SMM panel

Promotion through the ad network

If you want to quickly increase your audience without any click-following, the only effective way is targeted advertising. To implement it you need to transfer your profile to a business account, which is done in 5 minutes and is absolutely free, create a page for your company on Facebook and link them to each other.

The advantages of targeted advertising are: the ability to determine the budget, to experiment with the presentation of information and audience settings, as well as to get clear statistics on the results of the advertising campaign.

Advertising with leaders

Another popular way is to advertise with other bloggers and thematic communities. Its advantage is that people are more willing to listen to the opinion of familiar people than to the advertising message. Advertising from a blogger equals his personal recommendation. The difficulty with this method is the evaluation of effectiveness and the large variation in prices.

Contests and raffles

Periodically hold such events among your existing subscribers. Drawing conditions can be: subscription, post reposting, full first-person publication about you, mentioning your friends in the comments. Often bloggers hold collective giveaways, thus exchanging subscribers.

Paid promotion methods can give quick results and pay for themselves in 1 – 2 months if you work with people properly.


We have disassembled a lot of free and paid ways to increase the number of subscribers. Let me remind you that you need to start with designing your profile, creating high-quality photos and interesting texts. After that, you can actively attract your target audience to the page.

I wish you good luck in your promotion, a lot of active live subscribers. Write in the comments what methods you have already used, what results you got. Keep track of statistics of your page, to see the return on investment of effort, time and money.

Written by Michael Zippo

Michael Zippo, passionate Webmaster and Publisher, stands out for his versatility in online dissemination. Through his blog, he explores topics ranging from celebrity net worth to celebrity net worth. to business dynamics, the economy, and developments in IT and programming. His professional presence on LinkedIn - - is a reflection of his dedication to the industry, while managing platforms such as EmergeSocial.NET and highlights his expertise in creating informative and timely content. Involved in significant projects such as, Michael offers a unique experience in the digital world, inviting the public to explore the many facets online with him.


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