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How to find a nanny for your child in Dubai?

How to find a nanny for your child in Dubai?

What education should a nanny have?

A nanny is a person who is constantly with the child. She must be able to create a comfortable atmosphere for the child so that he feels calm and secure next to her.

Therefore, you might think that the nanny in Dubai should have a psychological education. But this is not at all necessary!

It is enough to have a sincere desire to take care and protect, to be able to win over a child. That is why we choose Filipinas: these women themselves are very calm, kind, they know the approach to children.

And in Vice Keeper, we also teach them everything they need – we talk about the basics and features of the development of children, the principles of cleaning and cooking. Our nannies know a lot of entertaining and educational games, they can find a common language with a child of any temperament, they know the safety rules and can protect him.

With us you can be sure of the qualifications and responsibility of your nanny!

Nanny in Dubai

Will the nanny be able to protect my child?

This is an understandable question that any parent might have.

Our nannies are very attentive, responsible and experienced women. Of course, they always look after the child and monitor their safety. No traumatic games, being near electrical appliances or sharp objects, etc. In which case, the nanny will quickly react, calm and help. Moreover, when choosing services, you have the opportunity to hire a nanny who knows how to provide first aid.

In addition, our nannies speak English which is an incredible advantage in an English speaking country. Who, if not her, will be able to agree on something on the playground, call an ambulance, explain something to another local person?

Therefore, you can be sure – of course, the nanny will be able to protect the child in any situation!

Individual approach to each client

We carefully select personnel for our company. Only the best of the best get into Vice Keeper after successfully passing exams and rigorous selection.

But even after that, we don`t provide you any employee. We are interested in the satisfaction of all our customers. Therefore, we select personnel for you according to certain criteria, fully considering your wishes and requests.

Also, together with you, we are writing instructions for Filipinas, so that it is clear what exactly they need to do and how. Then our manager asks for feedback on the work performed from both you and the employee, asks for recommendations from both parties. Thus, the work is constantly supervised, and you can be sure that everything will go as you need.

So, it turns out that work with each client is as individual and unique as possible, starting with the choice of an employee and ending with feedback on the work performed.

To order a nanny or housekeeper, write to us in direct, leave a request on or call +971 52 198 9758.

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