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Hillary Clinton explains the sexist reason she was forced to wear pants instead of skirts

In an interview with CBS, Hillary Clinton returned to an episode in her life as First Lady that led her to wear pants, rather than skirts or dresses. Spoiler: it's a sexist reason. 

Behind Hillary Clinton's iconic look is a dark story of misappropriated photos, with a sexist background. The former Secretary of State of the United States and her daughter, Chelsea Clinton, were interviewed by CBS. During the interview aired Monday, Hillary Clinton returned to an episode of her life as First Lady that pushed her to adopt the famous pantsuit that makes up her signature look. 

Back in 1995. Hillary Clinton is in Brazil for an official trip. "I was sitting on a couch and the press was allowed in. There were a bunch of photographers shooting." Clearly, some of them were up to no good. Some time later, "the White House [was] alerted by billboards that showed me sitting with my legs together, or so I thought. But the way it was shot made it suggestive," Clinton says. And here is the First Lady muse, in spite of herself, of a Brazilian lingerie company that uses ambiguous photos of her official trip. And this, for the simple and – bad – reason that she wore a skirt that day. 

After this unfortunate episode, Hillary Clinton gained some "experience" from "having photographers with her all the time": "If I was on stage, if I was walking up the stairs… I knew they would be behind and under me. I couldn't deal with that so I started wearing pants."

Aware of the pressure on the shoulders of female politicians, whose image is under constant scrutiny, Hillary Clinton recently displayed her support for Sanna Marin. The Finnish Prime Minister was facing a controversy related to videos in which she is seen dancing and drinking at a private party. Hillary Clinton published a photo of her dancing, happy, and somewhat blurred. An umpteenth nose-thumbing to the ill-intentioned photographers.


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