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Henry Cavill bids farewell to “Superman”, DC Studios has other plans for the hero

Henry Cavill bids farewell to

Two months ago, Henry Cavill announced the exciting news of his return as Superman. Fans' joy was cut short yesterday by an Instagram post. 

"After all, I won't be returning as Superman […] My days of wearing capes are over." This week, fans of the DC Comics universe are in shock. Actor Henry Cavill announced in a message posted on his Instagram account that he will never again don the Superman costume, the hero he played for nearly a decade. The announcement took everyone by surprise. Less than two months ago, Henry Cavill said the exact opposite: "I wanted to officially tell you: I'm back as Superman. I wanted to thank my fans for their support and patience, which will be rewarded." What is the reason for this turn of events? 

It seems that Henry Cavill is paying the price for the new direction taken by DC Comics studios. After the scandal surrounding Batgirl and the cancellation of the third part of Wonder Woman, new bosses James Gunn and Peter Safran seem to want to send some heroes back to the wardrobe. The goal? To offer the cinema only new narrative arcs and/or big shows. Between the lines, the co-directors are sending other formats back to the streaming platforms. 

To explain the situation, Henry Cavill took into account the dismay of fans, surprised by an announcement contrary to his previous statements: "I just came out of a meeting with James Gunn and Peter Safran and I have some bad news. I'm not coming back as Superman after all. Since the studio told me I was coming back in October, it's not the easiest news to break, but that's life. Replacements happen. I respect that. James and Peter have a universe to build. I wish them and everyone else involved in this new universe good luck and good fortune."

New projects between DC Comics and Henry Cavill

The fate of Superman is the subject of a narrative compromise: there will be no Man of Steel 2 but a prequel, dedicated to the youth of the hero. This project was confirmed by James Gun in a series of posts on Twitter. He leaves the door open for future collaborations between DC Comics and Henry Cavill: "[…] we had a great meeting with Henry, we're big fans and we talked about a number of interesting possibilities to work together in the future." Henry Cavill's Superman has appeared on screen a number of times since the 2013 film dedicated to him, in Batman v Superman, Justice League and most recently, Black Adam

"To those who have been by my side all these years… We can mourn, but then we have to remember: Superman is still here," the actor said. "Everything he stands for is still there, as are the examples he sets for us. […] What he represents will never go away. It's been a fun adventure with all of you, let's move on."

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