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Harry Styles responds to accusations of queerbaiting

In an interview with Rolling Stone, the pop star responds to those who accuse him of "appropriating homosexual aesthetics to gain visibility." 

Those who thought Harry Styles' heyday would be shattered after the breakup of One Direction have been forced to reconsider as, since the band born under the X Factor's cone of light decided to split, Styles has tasted unprecedented worldwide success, capable of taking him from billions of streams to movies, from sold-out tours to fashion victim. Along with the boundless love of fans who follow him no matter what he does there is, as is often the case, also criticism. The most persistent ones accuse him of queerbaiting, that is, of using an aesthetic that is very close to the homosexual world – feathers, sequins, wedges – while not being homosexual. As if he plays with that world to gain visibility-as if Harry Styles needs it.

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In a lengthy interview with Rolling Stone conducted for the launch of Don't Worry Darling, the film directed by his partner Olivia Wilde that will have its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival, Styles decided for the first time to respond to those accusations. He did so in a calm manner, as is his style, showing, at just 28 years old, that he is much more mature than many 40-year-olds: "Every now and then people say to me, 'You only show up with women,' but I don't think I ever publicly show up with anyone. If they take a picture of me being with a person, it doesn't mean I've chosen to be in a public relationship," Styles said, defending himself against those who think he may be profiting from his perceived queer aesthetic by identifying with a community that is not his own. 

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If we think about it, Styles has done nothing more than follow in the footsteps of other music greats such as David Bowie and Mick Jagger, who demonstrated throughout their careers the importance of dressing as they saw fit because art is freedom and knows no barriers or labels. Beyond the desire to escape a clear definition regarding his sexuality, Harry Styles lives his relationship with Olivia Wilde in the sunlight without making problems that do not exist. "The point we should work on is accepting everyone and being more open. We don't have to label everything, and we don't have to clarify which boxes we're ticking."

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