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The brand presents the HA HA campaign, born from the collaboration between the singer and Alessandro Michele.

The long-awaited moment has arrived, and now we can all step into the universe evoked by Harry's House, the British star's latest album. We can finally have a look at the HA HA collection designed by Harry Styles and Gucci. Styles and Alessandro Michele, creative director of the Italian brand, have imagined so many ways to describe their collaboration: the result of two children's constant desire to play and explore the world, the dream wardrobe designed on WhatsApp and over a glass of wine and, as Michele said during the presentation of the collection in June, a creation that is "about life". In any case, it is clear how much the clothes sported by Styles in this new campaign are to die for.

The new HA HA campaign is an extension of the project Styles and Gucci have been working on together for several years: an effort to bring us closer to the "new contemporary masculinity", reads a press release from the brand. The project that began with Styles fully embodying the role of Michele's muse and wearing a custom Gucci dress on the cover of Vogue reaches its full splendour in this collaboration. "I am overjoyed to see this project finally come to life," Styles said in a statement. "I have known Alessandro for years now and he has always been one of my favourite people. He always inspires me to watch him work, so to do a collaboration with a friend was a very special moment for me."

In the campaign images Styles is having fun: he poses next to a small tree wearing a Prince of Wales checked coat, picks up and lifts a chair while sporting a pinstripe suit, leans against a sofa dressed in a double-breasted jacket and flared trousers in shades of pale plum and teal, and sits on a mountain of clothes from the collection showing off a yellow checkered suit dotted with cherries. Graphic t-shirts featuring cartoon bears, patchwork leather jackets and classic tailoring are highlighted, while Styles' painted nails peep into every scene. Styles almost always carries a bag with him: the Gucci Bamboo 1947, which 'fits into the narrative as a beacon of masculine renewal', the press release states. Regardless of what it represents, Styles makes you wish you had one.

The suits in the collection, on the other hand, are classic Styles: loose-fitting and 70s-inspired, accompanied by flared trousers. 'I made [Harry] wear a lot of suits for years and years,' Michele recalled in June. "He was the most eccentric, free-spirited guy in the world." When it comes to fashion, Styles' inspiration comes from the great rock gods who came to the fore in the 1970s. "We shared images of the most extravagant men of that era for a long time," Michele said. "So we approached things that are very hard to find in vintage, or others that are apparently about an era that has, in a way, disappeared."

One peculiarity present in the collection, which differs from Gucci's other popular partnerships with giants such as The North Face and Palace, is the absence of the logomania typical of the Italian brand. Hardly a logo, label or the word 'Gucci' can be seen. The tailoring, colours and playful pyjamas of the HA HA collection exude an unmistakable Gucciness, a distinctive quality clearly shaped and influenced by Styles.


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