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Harry and the memory of mother Diana: “I feel her presence, today more than ever”

The prince, in the interview for NBC, talks about the queen, deflects the questions about Charles and Prince William, tells about Archie’s growth, does not confirm his presence at the Platinum Jubilee and dedicates a thought to Lady D: “Watch over my family, she would be proud of me.”

The secret meeting with the grandmother, the social projects alongside his wife, the controversial relationship with the father and brother. Then again the fatherhood, the growth of the children and the indissoluble memory of the mother. In the interview granted to the Today Show, on the occasion of the trip to Europe to participate in the Invictus Games, Prince Harry goes free and does not hold back when faced with questions about the royal family.

The journalist, Hoda Kotb, starts off strong and asks the duke if he feels at peace today: «Sometimes he does», he replies, «but I don’t know how many people can really feel at peace. With everything going on in the world, I try to use platforms to guide people to help others. I understand that when life is difficult it is more complicated to find compassion, but I understand – at least for myself – that you can really get better by helping others ».

The discussion then turns to Harry’s daily life who “revolves, as far as possible, around children”: There is the question of smartworking that has emerged with Covid and at home it is difficult to separate work from your children, when you are in same place. They overlap: Archie spends more time than anyone interrupting our meetings on Zoom, but he also distracts us from them, so that’s nice too, ”Harry reveals, before repeating his “mantra”.

“As a parent, I feel a responsibility to leave my children a better world.” And hooking into the family focus comes a series of questions about key members of the Windsor household. First of all, Queen Elizabeth, with whom she had a top secret meeting: «We drank tea, in a context of privacy that hadn’t happened for some time. Fantastic, I found it in excellent shape. Which quality do I appreciate the most? His sense of humor in all circumstances “.

Returning to London

The bond is strong, therefore, but on returning to London for the Platinum Jubilee celebrations, Harry does not give certainty: «I don’t know yet, there are some problems related to safety. But I’m still doing my best to make my children meet with her Majesty. ” He admits that he misses his family, but when Hoda Kotb mentions the names of his father Carlo and brother William, the conversation diverges: “At the moment I’m focused on the Invictus Games.”

Far more open when it comes to California (“my house is there for the moment, that’s how I feel”) and Archie (“he’s in the question period, he always wants to know why and I try to give him the most honest answers possible”) . Then the reporter asks if the firstborn of the Sussex family is now old enough to know the story of Lady D: «Of course, I don’t really tell him everything that happened, but he knows who Grandma Diana is. We also have a couple of photos in the house».

The interview ends with a reflection on the late princess: “The presence of my mother is a constant, in the last two years more than ever,” concludes the duke. “It’s as if she made her part of her with my brother, and she was now helping me. I feel her presence in almost everything I do, from up there she is watching over us ». “I’m sure she’s proud of you,” the reporter replied. “Yes, I’m sure too.”

Michael Zippo
[email protected]
Sources: Io Donna, VanityFair


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