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Harry and Meghan Markle at dinner in New York: star whims in Robert De Niro’s restaurant

The Sussexes, in Manhattan for Mandela Day, dined at the star's Italian restaurant. And there they stood out for their "surreal" requests (not indulged): no photos and the courtyard of the club all to themselves.

The stay in New York for Mandela Day was not exactly a great success for Meghan Markle and Harry of England. First of all, the prince's speech at the UN was heavily criticized. Many accused him of failing to speak up before the United Nations Assembly about a great man like Nelson Mandela. Furthermore, many detractors have pointed out that his speech was a copy and paste of the one given by his brother William about a year ago at the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland.

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It is not enough. The Sussexes after their appearance at Mandela Day dined in Robert De Niro's Italian restaurant: the "Locanda Verde", in Tribeca, a famous trendy neighborhood in the South of Manhattan. And in that club, as Page Six recounts, they immediately made themselves known for their "star whims". First of all, the security of the dukes would have ordered everyone present not to take pictures. Threatening: anyone who ignores the request, "will be asked to leave." Not only that: Meghan demanded that the staff of the Green Inn "reserve the entire courtyard with 50 seats for four people, including her and Prince Harry". The manager "replied that the courtyard had already been booked for a birthday party with fifteen people and refused to cancel it." The Sussexes were offered to sit inside, and they did. Without losing their good humor despite the hitch, the two enjoyed an all-Italian menu: Sardinian sheep ricotta, ravioli and Piedmontese meat tartare, red wine. And they also showed themselves quite down to earth. "There was a birthday party at the table next to theirs. Meghan approached Harry and said "Have a very happy birthday". The amazed customers just said “Thank you very much”.

More than the unexpected good wishes, however, it was the star whims of the dukes that went around the world. Unleashing an avalanche of criticism.

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