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Hair off? Nicole Scherzinger suddenly wears a mega voluminous bob, but we’re sceptical

Hair off? Nicole Scherzinger suddenly wears a mega voluminous bob, but we're sceptical

On Instagram, Nicole Scherzinger now showed herself with an ultra-short and voluminous bob, and at first glance it seems as if she has really parted with her long hair, but one indication speaks against it.

Actually, we know Pussycat Dolls singer Nicole Scherzinger with long, black hair. She sometimes wears it straight or with waves, and in early 2022 she even went completely blonde for a short time. Now she posted a picture on Instagram with a new hairstyle, which at first glance looks as if Nicole Scherzinger had actually taken up scissors and parted with her long hair. But one detail makes you wonder…

Nicole Scherzinger with a voluminous bob

Especially when it comes to hairstyles, so-called transition videos are extremely popular on Instagram and TikTok. First the before hairstyle is shown, then the hand is waved over the camera or clapped once, and bang – the new hairstyle is suddenly there. This is how Nicole Scherzinger did it in her video, and her long, straight hair suddenly turned into a mega voluminous bob with one cut, which the singer wears above shoulder height and with curls. A pretty cool and extremely elegant hairstyle that suits her perfectly and rounds off her glamorous make-up. But if you look a little closer, you notice that the bob doesn't look quite real, because the ends of the hair are not visible, which suggests that the long hair is just pinned up.

These indications suggest that Nicole Scherzinger's bob is not real

As already mentioned, the ends of the hair are not visible in the video, which is a sign that it is a "fob" rather than a "fake bob". For this, the (long) hair is turned inwards and pinned upwards into a bob using a certain technique, so that it is not noticeable from the outside. This also makes the hairstyle much more voluminous, which would also speak for Nicole Scherzinger's bob fakery. A third indication is the fact that the singer posted a new video on Instagram just one day later, in which she wears her hair long again. Nevertheless, we find Nicole Scherzinger's voluminous bob mega and are once again amazed at how easy and (almost) inconspicuous it is to style a bob, even for one evening, without having to say goodbye to your long hair.

Written by Michael Zippo

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