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We often look at stars with their gorgeous hair and wonder if they ever had a devil for a hair. This week we do the double-take on Amal Clooney and her head so shiny, silky locks that they always look like something out of a shampoo commercial. To dream, admire and be inspired.

Write "fabulous hair", read "Amal Clooney". George's wife is not only an impeccable style icon, always accessorised by her spouse, but also a very important hairstyle reference point for years now.

Never a bad hair day

For us mere mortals, it's no easy feat to achieve bouncy, soft and bling bling hair at the same time, something our celebrity ALWAYS manages to do. Looking through her beauty archive, we can't find a single time when Amal has had what we all have – the classic and very normal bad hair day.

Never a hair out of place, never a day when her hair decided to do its own thing. The charming Lebanese human rights lawyer seems to be intimately familiar with the fine art of showing hair at its best from the office to the dinner table, passing by the red carpets, of course, on which the delicate waves flaunted behind the desk turn into a cascade of voluminous curls. Whatever the event, her signature style is a deluxe hairstyle. She also relies on hairdressers, including Serge Normant and Rod Ortega, who charge $600 per cut.

The Amal Clooney effect, however, is priceless, let's face it. Established professional, wife of one of Hollywood's most glamorous actors and planetary It girl: websites, blogs and social profiles have been set up to examine, describe and imitate her style. Enthusiastic ladies and young ladies from the four corners of the world take part, proving that the exotic and, at the same time, old-style charm of the 44-year-old hair icon seduces women as much as men.

The secrets of her dreamy hair

Like Samson, she owes much of her charm to her hair. That long, wavy hair seems to be made of the same stuff that dreams are made of. Amal Clooney is the absolute queen of the perfect wave: a voluptuous chocolate-coloured cascade of shiny, defined locks that immediately catch the eye and make you think 'that's the hair I want'.

But what are her hair secrets? First of all, Amal has a signature beauty look that she sticks to: her hair is blow-dried to give it volume, softness and shine. It is thus very chic, casual, elegant, never exaggerated, glamorous and bohemian enough. In the evening, the celebrity turns up the volume a bit and tends to put one side of her hair on one shoulder and one side in front, always looking effortlessly cool.

Before browsing through the gallery, in which we have collected her best hair moments to date, let's get hairspray, curlers and a hairdryer (Amal's favourite is from the T3 brand) or keep our hairdresser's number handy. You will all be seized by an irrepressible desire to have hair like hers, so better gear up.


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