Giorgia Meloni in newspapers: “Leader of the extreme right, heir to the fascist tradition”

According to the New York Times, the leader of the Brothers of Italy promotes a "strongly Atlanticist foreign policy", while remaining openly reactionary in domestic politics.

"The future of Italy is bleak". British intellectual David Broder imagined Giorgia Meloni's rise to government in an article published in the New York Times. A "far-right party" for the first time "at the helm of a major Eurozone economy" would be a "seismic event".

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It is in Italy that, according to the intellectual, the "collapse of the barrier between a more traditional center-right and a rebellious extreme right" is already more advanced. And if the economic and social situation of our country is characterized by flat growth, high unemployment, profound inequality between North and South, it is precisely "in this atmosphere of decline" that "the message of the Brothers of Italy – that national salvation can being found in the repudiation of migrants and defending the traditional family – has found a receptive audience, ”wrote Broder, who is also the author of First They Took Rome: How the Populist Right Conquered Italy, a book on the Italian populist right. "The fact that it is figures who explicitly consider themselves heirs of the fascist tradition to take control of the right is an alarming development."

He echoes the title of the Guardian: "Could Giorgia Meloni become the first far-right Italian leader after Mussolini?". In the British newspaper, Angela Giuffrida, sent to Ladispoli (where there is a square named after Giorgio Almirante), writes: "Meloni, 45, could be about to realize her aspiration to become the first female prime minister in Italy . Her political party went from barely obtaining 4% of the votes in the 2018 elections to being the most popular in Italy, rising further in the polls published on Friday after the collapse of Mario Draghi's government ».

The Financial Times underlines the "neo-fascist roots" of Giorgia Meloni, who according to the German Tagesspiegel is the "hope of the fascists".

Regarding the article in the New York Times, Giorgia Meloni, in La Stampa, commented: "It doesn't make any sense. It's the classic cue thing. A series of think tanks of the Italian left are moving and they go around saying that if Meloni wins, Italy will be sucked into a black hole. An irresponsible strategy. As has been shown with the position of FdI on Ukraine, there is nothing to fear ". According to Broder, this is Giorgia Meloni's strategy: to promote a "strongly Atlanticist foreign policy", while remaining explicitly reactionary in domestic politics.

Author: Michael Zippo
[email protected]

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