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Geri Halliwell turns 50: from cheeky Spice Girls to understated Mrs Horner

The "ginger Spice", married to the manager of Formula Uno, is the first Spice to cut 50. And there is talk of a super party in September in which the musical group that made the world go crazy will meet (Victoria is also expected) .

Of that explosive tornado of the "ginger Spice" (red hair, tight and shiny dresses), which was at the time of the Spice Girls, there is very little left. Now Geri Halliwell is always sunny and crackling, but more composed. She would be bourgeois, if it weren't for the fact that by now she travels far above even the upper middle class. This change in her took place years ago, but it perfectly adapts to her new dimension: that of Mrs Horner who turns 50 on August 6.

Geri Halliwell from 2015 Mrs Horner

50 years is an important figure. Geri Halliwell lives it by making little talk about herself, and when she happens, she does it quietly. Every now and then some photos of her appear, a hint of a smile, a sober dress, under the arm of Christian Horner, former Formula One driver, team manager of Red Bull Racing since 2005, her husband since May 2015.

But Geri Halliwell in the last century (between '96 and '98) exploded on the covers of newspapers around the world as "ginger Spice", cheeky and rampant Spice Girls who sang and made the whole world dance to the rhythm of Wannabe. This image of her is the one with which everyone remembers her. But she describes her past.

Geri Halliwell: Teenager considered short and fat

The third daughter of a Spanish cleaner and a precarious English car dealer, Geri Halliwell would have made her family happy if she were content to be a receptionist at the Hilton Hotel. But she loved the show, she wanted to become famous at all costs. This led her, in the first thirty years, to experience things that most people do not experience in a hundred years. She has bounced between Greece, Turkey and the UK in search of roles as an actress or model, she has almost always been discarded because she is now considered fat, now short. She went from bulimia to unbridled sport to get back on the line.

With the slogan "power girl" she becomes a Spice Girls

Everything changed when in 1994, reading an announcement on The Stage to select five girls to form a musical group, she went to the audition on 4 March. She is being taken alongside Melanie Jayne Chisholm, Melanie Brown, Emma Bunton, Victoria Adams. Two years later, with the slogan "power girl", the Spice Girls debut. The first single Wannabe is a global success. In a moment they become Melanie C, Melanie B, Victoria and Geri the “ginger Spice” (for her hair color) the five girls of successful world icons.

She becomes a solist and looks for love …

Geri Halliwell, probably already a millionaire, left the group in 1998 and started a solo career. She releases a few albums, but she sells 15 million records on her own. She is now a star, she has freed herself from her past. She lacks sentimental stability. She goes from a brief flirtation with Robbie Williams in 2001, to a relationship with the American entrepreneur Demian Warner whom she met in rehab in 2002. Then she joins the director Sasha Gervasi with whom she has the first daughter Bluebell Madonna born in May 2006. She also has an affair with the Italian manager Fabrizio Politi in 2009 and with Henry Beckwith, cousin of the socialite Tamara Beckwith, which lasted two years and ended in 2013.

Stability with Christian Horner

He manages to "marry" with Christian Horner: four world championship titles in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 with Sebastian Vettel, single after the end of the 14-year relationship with the Australian artist Beverley Allen, with whom he had his daughter Olivia, born in 2013.

The first photos of this relationship come out in 2014. The wedding is celebrated the following year. From this moment Geri Halliwell changes: she chooses a low profile life. With Christian Horner she becomes the mother of Montague George, who is now 5 years old.

The reunion with the Spice Girls

But the Spice Girls continue to linger in Geri Halliwell's life. There was a reunion in 2012 when, in August, the group sang a remix of Wannabe and Spice Up Your Life at the closing ceremony of the Olympics in the United Kingdom. There is another reunion in 2019, but the absence of Victoria (who in the meantime has become Mrs. Beckham with four children) weighs heavily. And there is talk of yet another reunion, this time with Victoria, next year when she seems to be able to go on a world tour of the "grown up" Spice Girls.

And in September a party with the Spice Girls to celebrate Geri Halliwell's 50th birthday

Above all, the reunion of next September (with Victoria) is given for certain to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Geri Halliwell. According to The Sun it will be "an extraordinary night, the theme will be timeless elegance". Geri Halliwell is expected to deliver a speech before inviting the other Spice Girls on stage to sing their biggest hits. The location seems to be a manor house in Oxfordshire, a few meters from the mega villa of David and Victoria. It seems that "the girls can't wait to get together and sing Happy Birthday to Geri". The first Spice Girls to cross the 50th milestone. Greetings!


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