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From Victoria Federica to Tamara Falcó: we put a face to the representatives of the influencers of the moment

Apart from having something innate that hooks, behind their names there is a whole team of professionals and a carefully thought out strategy.

“Not everyone can become a great artist, but a great artist can come from anywhere”, these words taken from the movie Ratatouille could well be applied to the world of influencers, a sector that has not yet reached its peak and that attracts the attention of brands from all walks of life. Although it is clear that to become an “influential” character you have to have something innate that engages.

“For the development of her career, the support of professionals such as publicists, stylists, photographers or makeup artists is essential, in addition to a good strategy and a great capacity for work and a good attitude,” Chus Martin, one of the founders, explains to EmergeSocial. of The Lab Talents, in charge of the successful career of Tamara Falcó in recent times. But what are the objectives and how do these companies direct the careers —many focused on social networks— of characters such as María Pombo, Victoria Federica or young actors such as Óscar Casas and Begoña Vargas? We put a face to the founders of the five representation agencies that today move the world of the most important influencers of the moment. They are largely responsible for the fact that their clients add thousands of followers to their Instagram profiles every day.


“Our mission is to show the authenticity of each talent that we represent”, explains Chus Martín, one of the partners together with Dácil Romero. “It is necessary that they fit in with us and our team. There are many hours working, traveling… We became an extension of their lives”.


Eugenia Silva was her first represented and then Tamara Falcó or Juan Betancourt arrived, among others. When a character asks them for help, the first thing they do is “an entire study as a personal brand. Their tastes, work done, people of reference in their careers, professional and personal goals. Then we create a professional strategy, close contracts, develop their RR SS, bring the profile closer to the media…”. For them, “the influencer is born and develops. They are people with special talents and auras, with a lot of charisma.”


In those cities operates this creative production company that runs the careers of Alex Rivière (the first they represented), Vanesa Lorenzo, Alice Campello, Lucía Bárcena or Beltrán Lozano. “The most important thing is to build a relationship of trust with them. It is a very personal job, of accompaniment and support, where the profile evolves and grows professionally and personally. We give them support from campaign management, digital collaborations, content creation and we even help with their brands”, explains Beatriz Villarroya.


“There are people who communicate innately, but the influencer, as a profession, is created with dedication and effort, trying to contribute new things that generate interest. You must be very present and ensure that their content is consistent with their lifestyle.”


Gómez started out as a manager for actors unintentionally. “In 2017, Óscar Casas proposed that I take advertising for him, he wanted to feel cared for, those were his words. I accepted the challenge. I started with my laptop on the kitchen table, learning to trade and messing up on occasion. Six months later he had three more talents: Elena Rivera, Adriana Torrebejano and Christian Casas, he tells us.


Today he represents all the Casas, among others, he has created a content production company and with his partner, Ana Guti, he has founded NOA-In, an influencers agency. “We work on the concept of family at work. Talent has to inspire us with good energy when they ask us for help. Here there is no boss, but someone who guides and our values are loyalty, humility, freedom and gratitude”.


YouTube was his first target. “The first person we worked with was Grace Villarreal, when she was still a 100% beauty YouTuber. That’s how we started, as a representation agency for youtubers and today we have three business areas: strategy, creativity and representation. Our DNA is digital, we see the world of entertainment, entrepreneurship and consumption from this angle”, García-Gallo tells us.


They work with more than 60 influencers, such as the Pombo sisters or Victoria Federica, whom she does not call a signing but a “friend of the house”. “We find exceptional content creators in the most unexpected places. The objective is that they carry out their vital and professional project. An influencer is an excellent communicator specialized in topics, and that is the key to success”, she concludes.


“To be an influencer you have to have a special charisma and a need to tell things, two qualities that not everyone has,” explains Paloma Miranda. “At the same time, many hours of dedication are needed to materialize that vocation in a profession. Being an influencer is not easy, are there still doubts?


His agency was born almost at the same time as Instagram. “I remember that the brands were surprised when I presented myself as ‘the representative of’ or asked for a budget, in those very low times, for an advertisement. Our first talent was Itziar Aguilera. She introduced me to Instagram and thanks to the brands that offered her collaborations, I saw the potential in what later turned out to be the profession of the moment.”  Today she takes Mónica Cruz, Rocío Osorno, Taburete and Aída Artiles, among others.

Author: Michael Zippo
[email protected]

Sources: VanityFair, IO Donna

Written by Michael Zippo

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