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“Franco Battiato – Il Tributo”: the documentary

One year ago one of the greatest Italian singer-songwriters left: to remember him Sky Arte has made a documentary divided into four episodes that will be broadcast starting from 18 May.

A year has already passed since the death of Franco Battiato. To remember the singer-songwriter from Catania, Sky celebrates his legacy through the voice and music of the artists who knew and loved him. From Wednesday 18 May Franco Battiato – Il Tributo, a documentary in 4 episodes curated by Stefano Senardi and Edoardo Rossi, directed by Pepsy Romanoff, arrives on Sky Arte at 9.15pm. It will be an opportunity to listen to the protagonists of Invitation to Travel, the tribute concert held at the Arena in Verona on 21 September 2021, exactly forty years after the release of the famous album La voce del padrone.

The show in the splendid Veronese setting saw 40 artists pay homage to Battiato. From Gianni Morandi to Carmen Consoli, passing through Max Gazzè, Fiorella Mannoia, Mahmood, Morgan, Angelo Branduardi and many others. In the documentary, the artists themselves describe the Catania “Maestro” under various aspects: the link with Sicily, the relationship with spirituality, the cultured and surprising poetics, the musical intuitions of the experimental period, up to the relationship with success. Many and curious the anecdotes recalled.

The testimonies of the artists will be punctuated by the voice of his friend Francesco Messina, who will read some short passages from his book The dawn inside the dusk, and by the voice of Battiato himself, taken from various interviews released during his career. The singer-songwriter’s career is divided into four parts: in the first episode, Battiato’s bond with Sicily is explored, celebrated by the performances of a group of Sicilian artists, including Carmen Consoli, who with her intimate voice transports the viewer into the theme of spirituality, pervasive in the songwriter’s discography.

In the second episode (which will be released on May 25), the organizers of the concert, Franz Cattini and Stefano Senardi, will talk about the casting choices for the concert itself. The journey in Franco Battiato’s musical career will also continue: the transition to energetic records, up to experimental music. The third episode (1st June) will be dedicated to the role of classical music in his art and to a reflection on the many faces of Battiato. A man who has been a musician, singer, composer, painter and even director.

The documentary will close on June 8. The episode will open with one of the many existential questions posed by Battiato through his music: Who am I?, A song sung by Alice. Friends and colleagues will ideally try to give an answer through anecdotes told in interviews, sometimes busy and sometimes more ironic and surprising. All immersed in an ocean of sounds and emotions.


Author: Michael Zippo
[email protected]

Sources: VanityFair, IO Donna


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