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Fedez replies to ‘Striscia’s’ tapiro d’oro: ‘We don’t use our children to monetise’

'There are a lot of families in Italy who monetise through their children. We are not the family to go knocking on the door: we have never advertised with them,' says the rapper after the controversy over the video with his son Leone.

'Six, seven… Next time I'll win a portable fridge'. Fedez no longer counts the tapirs received by Striscia la notizia. The one he has just been handed by Vittorio Staffelli is the umpteenth. Awarded to the rapper after he and his wife Chiara Ferragni ended up in the crosshairs of controversy over a social video in which the eldest son Leone was asked to stop drawing to make a social video.

Fedez and Striscia's tapiro

A video that went around the web and immediately went viral. And which triggered an indignant reaction from followers because, according to some, the Ferragnez would use their children for their social purposes. The video was then removed by the digital entrepreneur, but the controversy on the web has continued: is it right or wrong to involve children in certain things?

Let's not use our children for publicity

The answer comes directly from the rapper. 'There are a lot of families in Italy who monetise through their children. We are not the family to go knocking on the door because we do not monetise through our children. We have never advertised with them,' Fedez retorted. 'We just take pictures". Here is the singer's response to the social controversy of recent days.

The case of the video with Leone

Controversy arose on the occasion of the birthday of the music star, who blew out 33 candles on 15 October. In a video shared on Instagram by the entrepreneur, 4-year-old Leone is drawing. The child is asked to momentarily leave the colours behind to take a video with his parents in front of the cake. "You take a minute, Leo. Just smile, then you're done and you can continue drawing,' the nanny tells the child to convince him to make a video memory for his father's birthday. Hence criticism and controversy to which Fedez responds by shrugging his shoulders: 'It happened to me at least a hundred times with my mother'.

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