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Emory Andrew Tate kickboxer

You've probably heard of Andrew Tate lately. He has become very popular on social media, even though he is banned from everyone! Andrew Tate has made a name for himself in many fields.

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Successful kickboxer, influencer, entrepreneur, reality TV participant, youtuber, sports commentator and now coach and influencer. This famous crazy and borderline character, of American-British origin, now lives in Romania, more precisely in Bucharest.

In addition to being a four-time world kickboxing champion, he is also the head of several casinos and is now a star on social networks. Known for highlighting his misogyny, he has turned it into a selling point: Work on his toxic masculinity to become a rich alpha male.

So there are some facets of his life that are disturbing and some that are intolerable: his politically incorrect personality, his shady business background, his assumed misogyny…

So why is he creating a buzz on social media and how did he manage to become one of the most powerful influencers on the planet, by outrageously criticising women? This is the story of Andrew Tate.

andrew tate net worth

Who is Andrew Cobra Tate? Biography of the kickboxing champion

Andrew Tate is the son of former United States Air Force Staff Sergeant and former famous chess player Emory Tate. He was born on 1 December 1986 in Washington, the political capital of the United States.

Andrew Tate is a heavyweight kickboxer, entrepreneur, vlogger, and sports commentator. He is 35 years old and currently stands at a height of 1.85 metres and weighs 90 kg.

Emory Andrew Tate: birth, origin, history

Andrew Tate, better known as "Cobratate" on Instagram (which closed its account a few weeks ago), gave his first cry on 1 December 1986 in Washington, the capital of the United States. His father, Emory Tate, was a staff sergeant in the United States Air Force. He was a great chess player and master, and was known as a polyglot.

Andrew Tate was born into a family from the United Kingdom. Therefore, he has lived a large part of his life there. He has a brother, Tristan Tate, and a sister, Janine Tate. His brother Tristan is also a kickboxer, entrepreneur and actor. Janine, on the other hand, does not live in the spotlight like her brothers. She works as a lawyer and leads a rather quiet life.

The Tate family owns a gambling casino in Bucharest, Romania. Andrew and Tristan now run the establishment. Both Tate brothers are also big farmers in the tobacco industry. Part of their fortune comes from this business. 

Born into a family from the UK, Andrew Tate has lived there for some of his life, particularly during his childhood. He has a brother and sister named Tristan Tate and Janine Tate respectively.

Tristan is also a kickboxer and entrepreneur, but he is also an actor. He has appeared in the British reality series Shipwrecked: The Island. Janine is a lawyer who leads a quiet life on the fringes of fame.

The private life of the Emory Cobra Tate family

Andrew's father, Emory Tate, was a great chess player and master. He also had a career in the United States Air Force. He served mainly as a staff non-commissioned officer and was particularly useful as a polyglot through his role as a translator.

The Tate family owns a gaming casino in Bucharest, Romania. The casino is run by Andrew and his brother Tristan. Both of them reside in the city of Bucharest. The Tate brothers are also known to be big tobacco farmers.

Andrew Tate kickboxer career

Andrew Tate has had a relatively successful career. He accumulated victories and titles. But like most sportsmen and women, Andrew Tate has also had his defeats and bad times.

Andrew Tate kickboxer

Wins and titles

Andrew Tate is best known for his 2009 victory over Paul Randall, with whom he was challenging for the ISKA Kickboxing Light Cruiserweight title at the ISKA English Kickboxing Club.

The challenge, which followed a problem that arose after Andrew's victories over former Super Cruiserweight champions Ollie Green and Mo Karbo, was issued by Andrew Tate. By completing this challenge, Andrew Tate became the first person to win the ISKA Kickboxing Light Cruiserweight title.

After this historic victory, Andrew went on to win several other bouts, including a victory over Daniel Hughes that saw him become the winner of the prestigious IKF-International Kickboxing Federation British Cruiserweight title. In this fight Andrew Tate won by first round knockout.

Defeats and failures

Andrew Tate suffered his first official defeat of his career on 19 March 2011. This was in a fight held as part of an ISKA international title tournament.

The fight, which took place in France, was won by Jean-Luc Benoît, who had collected more points according to the various referees. But, three months after this defeat in France, Andrew Tate was able to get his revenge.

It was during another fight held in Luton, England. In that fight, Andrew Tate defeated France's Jean-Luc Benoit by knockout in the eighth round out of a possible 12 rounds.

Andrew "Cobra" Tate

On 12 May 2012, Tate fought again, but then recorded his second professional defeat. It was against Sahak Parparyan. This defeat caused Andrew tate to lose his Showtime 85MAX title.

Other highlights of Andrew Tate's career

Andrew Tate participated in Enfusion 3: Trial of the Gladiator. In this competition, the champion was able to qualify for the qualifiers in Ohrid, Macedonia in August 2011. He subsequently won his semi-final match against Ritchie Hocking but suffered a tough defeat in the final by KO against Franci Grajs.

Defeated by Vincent Petit Jean, Tate got his revenge a little later. This rematch gave him his second ISKA international title. The match took place in Châteaurenard, France. The match was held in Châteaurenard, France, and included the ISKA World Full-contact Light Cruiserweight Championship.

Although he did not become the winner of the Enfusion Live tournament, Andrew Tate had the chance to compete for the Enfusion Live 90 kilograms championship against a veteran named Wendell Roche. With this fight, which he won in the second round, Andrew Tate became the first fighter to defeat the veteran Roche in his career, which at the time was more than 200 fights without a loss.

Andrew Tate Fortune

What is Andrew Tate Net Worth?

In October 2020, the famous kickboxer and entrepreneur's fortune was estimated to be worth more than $6 million, but since then it has seen a sharp increase. Indeed, in 2022, this fortune was estimated at over $10 million.

Andrew Tate Patrimonio

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Although he has many other relatively lucrative sources of income, Andrew Tate's publicized wealth comes primarily from his kickboxing activities.

The champion appears on numerous martial arts shows and is an integral part of those trying to popularise kickboxing entertainment around the world.

With this official fortune, Andrew Tate is now one of the top 20 richest kickboxers in the world. His salary and income from other industries were not disclosed by the champion.

The champion is therefore certainly richer than he claims, given that he grows and then sells significant quantities of raw tobacco, and owns a physical casino that is heavily frequented by the Romanian and Eastern European jet set.

How did Andrew Tate get rich? He started a business… as a cam girl! 

In debt and under pressure, Andrew Tate comes up with a rather unlikely solution. He calls all his girlfriends (yes, he had 6 at the same time) and asks them to join his scabrous venture. His idea? Start a cam-girl business. Four girls accept!

Ironically, his business is a huge success. From four, he grows to 60 girls working full time for him. It was at this point that he achieved the coveted millionaire status. He then became a real star and took part in reality TV shows. But his past caught up with him.

Accused of hitting a cam-girl, he spent a lot of money on legal fees. He was found not guilty, but his bad boy and misogynist attitude continues to this day.

Andrew Tate influencer: His masculinity goes viral on social media

If you're used to using Tik Tok or Instagram, you've probably seen Andrew Tate handing out advice of all kinds. If the former professional kickboxer is creating a buzz on social networks and the internet, it's not for his past sporting achievements, even if that gives him a certain "legitimacy", but rather for his masculinity. Indeed, he became an influencer after he was rich, not the other way around. He has become rich in various domains as we have seen above and the internet users are passionate about his extraordinary career.

Like Papacito in France, Andrew Tate is the violent answer to the "Metoo" movement and the global wave of wokism. He advocates masculine, "old-fashioned" and even toxic behaviour. The Anglo-American kickboxer has thus become famous on the Internet with his controversial and degrading statements about women. He is totally in the masculinist trend, very popular with young adults on the networks at the moment.

In short, trivialised misogyny, deliberately at odds with the current feminist movement. And Internet users looking for the politically incorrect are served!

Andrew Tate Vermögen

For more details on his background, a youtuber comes back in a complete way on the past and the attitude of Andrew Tate.

Andrew Tate: legitimate boxer or simple marketing product?

Andrew Tate, despite being a kickboxing champion and having a fortune already estimated at hundreds of millions of dollars, is now the subject of buzz on social networks, for the wrong reasons. Banned from social networks for his behaviour, he still meets his public, often invited by many youtubers. It's during short interviews that he makes the buzz. From the mindset of a male winner to zany advice on entrepreneurship. The influencer takes advantage of his aura.

Emory Andrew Tate II

His controversial thoughts on women and potential sexual assault have made him even more popular on the internet. Even though he receives a lot of negative feedback from a large number of users on social networks for his misogynistic and sexist comments against women, the influencer continues to put forward his exaggerated "masculinity". And obviously, this pleases some internet users. But until when?

Reality TV and repeated scandals 

In 2016, Andrew Tate appeared on the popular UK reality show 'Big Brother'. Following a very disturbing video, he was kicked off the show. In the video, he was found beating his ex-girlfriend with a belt. He then justified himself to viewers, saying on social media that it was a staged event, and that it was only a felt belt; a belt that makes noise, but does not hurt. The kickboxer, even added that the sound was muted, because the young woman was laughing, according to him, in the video.

Andrew Tate moves to Romania… to escape justice? 

There is also a video, which has now been removed from YouTube, in which Andrew Tate explains the reasons for his move to Romania. He argues that in this country, acquitting oneself of a rape charge is not at all complicated. Is that why he moved there? This raised the suspicions of many of his followers.

emory andrew tate twitter

Once in Romania, Andrew Tate let loose on Youtube. His account remained active for a few months and he highlighted "toxic masculinity". After controversial comments on the "MeToo" movement, Andrew Tate will be banned from Twitter in 2017. The other social reasons will follow, Facebook and Youtube will close his accounts.

The crazy life of the influencer continues. The kickboxer will be investigated for human trafficking in Romania, a news reported by The Daily Beast. The investigation was launched after a raid on his home, in which police officers found a woman who was allegedly being held against her will. However, the investigation did not end with an arrest or a charge.

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