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Elon Musk claims to have sold $2 million worth of his perfume in 24 hours

Elon Musk has launched a perfume called 'Burnt Hair' and claims to have sold two million dollars worth.

Elon Musk has proven once again that he can sell his fans just about anything. The multi-billionaire made his first foray into the beauty industry this week with the launch of his new fragrance 'Burnt Hair'. The new 'omni-genre' cologne, released by his Boring Company, is described as both 'the essence of filthy desire' and 'the best perfume on the planet'. It is currently sold for $100 a bottle on the company's website and is expected to ship in 2023. 

On Twitter, Elon Musk joked that his entry into this new market was inevitable given the olfactory pun in his last name. He wrote: "With a name like mine, entering the fragrance business was inevitable – why did I wait so long?" He also changed his Twitter bio to reflect his new job title: 'perfume salesman'.

Perhaps even more surprising than this new business venture is its success. According to Musk, 20,000 bottles have already been sold in the first twenty-four hours, meaning he has already raised $2 million for the perfume without anyone ever smelling it. The Tesla CEO also encouraged his followers to buy even more of the product, tweeting, "Please buy my perfume so I can buy Twitter". 

Musk is of course referring to the $44 billion bid he launched in April to buy the social media platform, offering to pay $54.20 per share – half a bottle of Burnt Hair – for 100% ownership of the company.

Sexy shorts for the SEC

This isn't the first time the tech executive has convinced his followers to buy a very odd product to support him. In July 2020, Musk got into fashion design by selling a pair of short shorts with the word "S3XY" printed on the back. He had announced on Twitter that Tesla would be "making fabulous radiant red satin short shorts with gold trim", adding in a second tweet, "I'll be sending the SEC some shorts to cheer them up in these tough times". 

The short shorts were originally intended to be a joke at the expense of short sellers and the US federal financial markets regulator and watchdog, in response to Tesla's record-breaking stock, but they became an instant bestseller. Within minutes of the shorts going on sale on the company's website for $69.42, Musk tweeted, "Dang, we broke the site".

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