Did Jason Priestley Really Disown Beverly Hills?

The interpreter of the beloved Brandon Walsh of the tv series Beverly Hills 90210 is critical with his character. And he remembers friend Luke Perry.

Some roles are inextricably linked to their interpreters. And it is hard to distinguish person and character. Jason Priestley, interpreter of the iconic Brandon Walsh in the record-breaking TV series Beverly Hills 90210, knows this well.

"It was the right time to give up"

In an interview with Vanity Fair, Jason Priestley talked about himself without filters. And he spoke in an unprecedented way of his (beloved) character of him.

As part of the iconic TV series, which has kept millions of boys and girls company since 1990, Priestley played Brandon Walsh, the representation of the good guy. What mothers love to madness, since he does well in school but at the same time manages to be popular with his friends. The perfect stereotype of the boy with a smile always on his face. A character that was opposed to that of Dylan McKay, played by the late Luke Perry.

Priestley said: "I was very young and terrified that, once Beverly Hills closed its doors, I too would play my career and end up in oblivion or be relegated to the role of Brandon forever." And again: "When the plot took a turn from soap I realized that the right time had come to give up, and since then I have actively concentrated on choosing projects that were very far from him".

Has Jason Priestley disowned Beverly Hills?

When asked "Did he disown him?", Jason Priestley replied: "In a way, but only to protect me. I will never forget it or show anything other than pure gratitude for that pioneering opportunity that at the time had. No other TV series had become a global phenomenon, let alone one for young audiences. Especially in the first few seasons he had a very strong social imprint and touched on serious issues capable of making a difference".

In fact, Jason Priestley (now on the Private Eyes series on NOW) played the role of Brandon for a full ten years and left the series in 2000.

The memory of Luke Perry: "he was a special creature"

During the interview, the actor also recalled his friend Luke Perry, who played Dylan in Beverly Hills, who passed away in March 2019. "Luke was an extraordinary guy, one of those people who always finds time for others, with a marked sensitivity towards disability. If he saw a wheelchair fan with a problem of some kind he was the first to walk over and hug him. He had a generous spirit and was always attentive to those around him ».

And he concluded: "For us colleagues he was an inspiration, a model, and the public knows it, he saw his giant heart. For a while, then, we lived in houses very close to Los Angeles and saw each other very often, which made the loss even more disconcerting. That's why the lack of him is great, not just for the Beverly Hills family but for the world. Not many such special creatures are born".

Author: Michael Zippo
[email protected]

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