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Demi Lovato: The star shocks again with a blatant drug confession – and reports how happy he is today

Demi Lovato has repeatedly opened up about her past and experiences with drugs when she was younger. In a podcast, Lovato also talked about her current happy relationship.

In the podcast "Call Her Daddy" with Alexandra Cooper, Demi Lovato once again talked about her teenage years, which were obviously marked by alcohol and drug abuse. In the podcast episode, Lovato revealed that she first turned to alcohol when she was just twelve years old. By her own admission, Lovato took beer from her stepfather's fridge and drank alone – no peer pressure, no dare. That it wasn't noticed and punished was just the beginning of the end. "That should have been a warning signal for everyone," says Demi Lovato today, who is promoting her album "Holy Fvck" at the moment.

After a car accident, Demi Lovato became addicted to drugs

At the age of 13, Lovato, who says of herself that she drank an extreme amount of alcohol during her teen years, was in a car accident. She was prescribed opiates, painkillers containing morphine with a similar structure and addictive effect to heroin, for the pain of her injuries. "My mother didn't think she needed to keep the opiates away from me," Lovato said. "However, by that time, I was drinking heavily on a regular basis. I was being teased and wanted to escape the daily grind." Demi Lovato's excessive drug use didn't go unnoticed, however: when Lovato's mother noticed how much painkiller her daughter was really consuming, she locked her away.

Demi Lovato: cocaine use at age 17

However, Demi Lovato's narcotic career was by no means over: "The first time I used cocaine, I was 17 years old, and I loved it way too much to stop." It wasn't until she was 18 that Demi Lovato decided against addiction – and attended rehab. The former Disney star also received help from his team, who unconditionally supported him on his way out of addiction.

Demi Lovato talks about her new partner

For weeks it has been rumored that Demi Lovato is happy with a new partner. Neither name nor otherwise specifics are known about his person, and Demi Lovato continued to keep a low profile on the latest episode of "Call Her Daddy." The 30-year-old singer only revealed that the relationship is going great and she is completely obsessed with how handsome her new partner is. "But most of all, he makes me laugh," Lovato finally said – and in the end, that's what really matters.


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