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Demi Lovato: That’s why the non-binary star changed her pronouns

Demi Lovato came out as “non-binary” in spring 2021, i.e. assigned to neither the female nor male gender. Lovato referenced the pronouns "they/them," which the star wanted to use from then on. But now Demi Lovato is also accepting "she/her" again – that's why.

Demi Lovato also identifies as "she/her" alongside "they/them"

For some, gender identity is an ongoing process, an evolution with no fixed endpoint. It certainly is for Demi Lovato. Because after she announced in spring 2021 that the pronouns for her person were "they/them" (the non-binary form), she now accepts "she/her" again – i.e. the female pronouns "sie/ihr" . Now she has explained why that is.

Demi Lovato comments on "she/her" pronouns

"I've embraced the pronouns 'she/her' again," she announced on a recent episode of the Sprout podcast, as reported by JustJared. Demi Lovato explained that "they/them" was more comfortable in the past because, as she put it, "I'm such a fluid person… I felt, especially over the last year, that my energy was balanced , my masculine and feminine energy, so that when faced with the choice of entering a toilet that said 'women' and 'men', I didn't feel like there was a toilet for me because I didn't necessarily felt like a woman. I didn't feel like a man. I just felt human. And that's what "they/them" is all about. For me, it's just about feeling like a human being at my core."

In May 2021, the singer came out as non-binary, although Lovato added the all-female pronoun "she/her" back to Instagram a year later, according to US celebrity portal Page Six. noticed.

Today, however, "she/her" just feels okay to Demi Lovato: "Lately I've been feeling more feminine, so I went back to 'she/her'," Lovato said on the podcast. And knowing it can be confusing, Lovato reminded listeners that using a word wrong is less important than treating people well: "I think it's important to know that nobody's perfect . Everyone makes mistakes with pronouns at some point, especially when people are just learning. It's all about respect first and foremost," she said.

As of this writing (August 3, 2022), Demi Lovato's pronouns are listed on Instagram as "they/them/she/her." How cool that you can embrace and express all facets of your personality and identity at once! Trust the Process!


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