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Create a layout and calculate an estimate: 8 apps for design and renovation

Create a layout and calculate an estimate: 8 apps for design and renovation

Renovation without a designer and a construction crew is a troublesome process. Those who decide to do everything themselves, usually learn from videos on YouTube. But YouTube will not help you draw a plan, think of colour combinations and calculate the number of bags of plaster.

We have put together seven apps that solve all these problems.

ARPlan 3D

Why: For measurements
Price: free

ARPlan 3D

A useful ruler with augmented reality is called ARPlan 3D. It allows for quick measurements of any room. In just ten minutes, an entire house may be measured.
Surfaces and entire rooms can be measured using ARPlan 3D using specialized technologies. A room can be swiftly measured in all measurements, including feet, inches, millimeters, centimeters, metres, and yards, for its height, length, breadth, and perimeter.


Why: To look for ideas and inspiration
Price: free

Before you start a real renovation, you can spend years looking at other people's work in interior design publications. And that's not a bad thing: It's how you develop an eye for the future.

That's why you should start with the Houzz app, where you can save your favourite photos and filter them by style, room type, and other parameters. Over time the reader will know exactly which style he prefers, what colours he likes, what shape a sofa would suit him, and even which frame to hang a family photo in.

Morpholio Board

Why: make collages to sketch out future interior design ideas
Price: basic version – free

Morpholio Board

In order to see all the interior details, you can order a full visualization from the designer, or limit yourself to a collage – a picture, which schematically shows wallpaper, large pieces of furniture and the approximate décor.

The designer spends minimal time on this, and the customer immediately imagines what his interior will be like. But even without a designer, it's worth trying to make some collages. On them, it will immediately become clear in what style the interior will be decided, how the colours and furniture will be combined. For this kind of work, the free basic version of the application is enough.

Planner 5D

Why: To draw the layout
Price: Basic functions – free

This is a simple planner app, similar to the Sims game, but without people. All you have to do is measure the rooms in your flat and draw a plan, and then you can easily rearrange your furniture.

The free catalogue includes simple furniture, doors, windows and décor. Extra textures are available at a cost.

Dulux Visualizer

Why: to find the right colour for your walls
Price: free

The Dulux Visualizer app was launched by the paint company of the same name: you can use it to find a paint and order the right colour immediately.

But the app has much more to offer. For example, you can select a colour from the Dulux palette and 'try it on' in your home. You can scan a colour and use it as a background. If you like a shade of sunset sky or a flower, you can try it on.


Why: To see how new furniture or trim will look in your home.
Price: Free of charge


If major changes are not planned, it may seem like a simple task: the flat will not change if you move the wallpaper, update the couch or buy a coffee table and a couple of posters. In fact, getting your style right can be difficult. And the wrong table gets sent to the country house, and the new sofa can be a nuisance.

The Homestyler app can help you avoid those problems and try your new pieces on. All you have to do is take a photo of your room and you can change practically anything.

IKEA Place

Why: To see how Ikea furniture fits in
Price: free

IKEA Place

This service is not for planning purposes, but for selecting a piece of furniture.

All you need to do is take a photo of your room, choose which Ikea furniture you want to buy and its shape and colour, and then 'try it on' in your interior. After that, all you need to do is order the right model and decor on the website.

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