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Concealed door to create a monolithic design

Concealed door to create a monolithic design

Concealed door is the one you can’t see. It merges visually with the wall, repeating the color and texture. It is also important to consider the specifics of installation. Such a door is mounted level with the wall. A special box and fittings are used for this purpose. Installation requires professional performance. To enjoy an exclusive design solution in the future, you need to know how to properly conduct the installation of a hidden door system (

Installation of hidden doors

Installation of such door systems has its own features and differences from traditional doors. The essence lies in the secret box and hidden hinges, which create the whole effect of invisibility. The whole process can be divided into stages:

  • Installation of the aluminum box with the leaf.
  • After that, the leaf is removed and the hinges are taped to keep them clean.
  • Finishing work. Fitting the edge, eliminating gaps.
  • Mounting the door leaf.

Installation – the process is not long, but requires meticulousness and attention.

The advantages of the hidden installation

Such a design solution can not only create the optical illusion of the absence of doors, but also increase the space. Experts note that such doors have a higher degree of sound insulation. These door systems hide other rooms from prying eyes. For example, if the bedroom has a bathroom or closet, but you want to preserve the integrity of the interior, the use of hidden doors is justified.

Such a fitting perfectly fits into any style, whether it is classic or high-tech, the doors will become the highlight of the room. Such models can be installed even in non-standard openings, which, in turn, expands the possibilities of their use.

Choosing a leaf for painting, it is possible to paint it and the walls with the same paint which will create the effect of monolithicity. Various opening mechanisms, special handles allow you to make the leaf even more invisible. For example, a roto leaf does not imply the presence of a handle, you can open it by slightly pushing. However, it visually creates the impression of a complete absence of the doorway.

Disadvantages of hidden doors

Everything has positive and negative qualities.

Hidden door is a win-win option to surprise guests, to unique your home, but it has its own nuances:

  • the installation of the box takes place before the beginning of finishing work;
  • the invisibility of the door from one side;
  • price.

Unlike traditional models, the cost of invisibles is higher but you can go to and choose the right models at adequate prices.

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