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Chiara Ferragni: in helicopter on glacier for aperitif

After a few Instagram stories the outrage on social media. And one question, "Why?"

The issue of environmental protection is now on the agenda. One of the many (and frightening) effects of the climate crisis in our country concerns precisely the snow formations throughout the Alps. But in spite of this, Chiara Ferragni's 27.8 million followers were able to witness a few days ago the story of an outing she took with some friends. Two helicopters used for an aperitif on a Swiss glacier. And a media storm was inevitable.

Chiara Ferragni: the controversy after the aperitif on the glacier

On Sunday, September 4, the digital entrepreneur and wife of Fedez decided to fly, together with a small group of friends (including influencer Chiara Biasi), with two helicopters on a Swiss glacier. The reason? An aperitif in the mountains, complete with champagne.

As soon as the stories on Instagram were viewed by the first followers, the outrage started. Not only because of the decidedly eco-unfriendly choice to use two helicopters and, consequently, to pollute the environment considerably. But also because the glaciers, used by Ferragni and friends as the perfect backdrop for their photographs, are one of the most endangered places also because of CO2 emissions. Apparently the event was organized by entrepreneur (and Ferragni's friend) Filippo Fiora.

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The criticism

In what Guia Soncini calls "the age of susceptibility" (as titled in a book of hers that came out last year), indignities-especially on social networks-are ignited with extreme rapidity. Often without a universally recognized idea of context and with respectability as its only own religion. In other cases, however, outrage and controversy fit perfectly into a clear context. As in this case.

The climate crisis debate is topical. Very current. So is the one, back on the agenda just in the hours before the incriminating stories, about the use of private jets. It is also why what appeared on social media a couple of days ago seemed to many to be absolutely out of time and beyond justification.

Commenting on the news on Instagram, journalist Selvaggia Lucarelli wrote, "Now is our time to act and make sure these things don't happen." And, immediately afterwards, "Now we wait for Ferragni to try to make up for it with the usual ploy, which is to shift the focus with a quick, noncommittal tirade about civil rights or to buy a glacier and give it to a community of monk seals for charity."

No glacier purchase, apparently. But the daily storytelling on his Instagram profile continued unabated, complete with a few #advs and some call-to-actions aimed at followers, so as to forget about this slip as soon as possible. "The important thing is to be talked about," it is often said. But, sometimes, it is even more important that we end up, as quickly as possible, talking about something else.


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