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Chiara Ferragni and Fedez confide to followers which of the two earns more

On vacation in Ibiza, the couple responded via Instagram to fans' questions, "I also work and provide for the family. I am not Chiara's kept man," the rapper's words.

Who earns more between Fedez and Chiara Ferragni? The followers of the Italian power couple asked this full of curiosity to those involved, who made themselves available to their fans in a question and answer session on Instagram.

The rapper had his say: "I'm not a homemaker, which is still a super decent job. I also work and provide for the family. I'm not Chiara's kept man."

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The business woman and influencer interjected, "Let's say we are similar on that level. In 2015 you earned more, then I surpassed you," she said addressing Fedez. She then clarified, "No, I don't know, come on. Girl power! Come on it's not my kept guys, we both work a lot and share everything."

Would you like to get an idea of the figures coming into the Ferragnez household? According to, the combined Ferragnez earnings would reach $20 million a year.

Meanwhile, Fedez has confirmed his participation as a judge on the new edition of X Factor.  "I can't wait for September 25, I'm pumped: it's going to be cool!" he commented in a video from his villa in Ibiza, interrupted sympathetically by Leone, who was eager to get his daddy's attention.

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As for wife Chiara Ferragni, she is reportedly finalizing the sale of the Los Angeles villa where she lived for years: now her city is Milan, where she has decided to live permanently with Fedez, Leo and Vitto. And where she will soon open her new super penthouse in the City Life neighborhood.


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