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Catherine Zeta-Jones returns home and her doggo goes crazy with joy

The Welsh actress, as soon as she crosses the threshold of the house, is greeted by the joyful greeting of her four-legged animal: a special bond born after the death of her father-in-law Kirk Douglas.

It is better to go home when someone is waiting for you. And if that someone is your little dog who goes crazy with joy every time he sees you, he is even more special. Catherine Zeta-Jones is certainly her lucky mistress: in a video posted on social media she showed the millions of fans who follow her the reaction of her pet as soon as the actress set foot in her villa.

Catherine Zeta-Jones's love for her doggo

A real explosion of happiness, between jumps and parties. The 52-year-old actress, as you can guess from the caption included with the film, was away from home for a few days and found a wonderful surprise upon her return. She too seems particularly enthusiastic about her welcome, so much so that she takes the animal in her arms and cuddles it as if it were her third child.

A special bond, which probably also derives from the period in which the little dog entered the life of Catherine Zeta-Jones. The actress introduced everyone to this splendid maltipoo, a cross between a Maltese and a poodle, a couple of years ago. She had done so soon after the death of Kirk Douglas, a Hollywood legend and father of her husband Michael. Taylor Douglas, this is the name he was given, often appears on Catherine's social media. From moments of fun in the snow to days spent with the owner on the set, the two are truly inseparable.

Michael Zippo
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Sources: ioDonna, Vanity Fair


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