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Cannes 2022 lights up with Andie MacDowell’s stunning silver hair

Undisputed icon of perennial beauty, the American star stands out on the Croisette with her unmistakable silver curly hair. And when she is disheveled she is even more beautiful.

It’s called Golden Hour make-up and is inspired by that moment of sunset when everything takes on a warm and orange glow, with golden glows typical of summer evenings.

To revive this makeup trend is Selena Gomez, who has “stolen” the shades of the most romantic sunsets to create a golden hour look with shades of bronze and gold that warm the complexion and make you think of the holidays.

The undisputed queen of contemporary perennial beauties, Andie MacDowell lights up Cannes 2022 with her natural silver tint. She is wild and ultra soft during the day, asymmetrical and sculpted for the evening.

Cannes 2022, Andie MacDowell’s silver look

Arrived on the Croisette to accompany her daughter Margaret Qualley, the actress keeps her promise and does not dye her hair this time either. Silver pride plays with the effects of shades of gray on the medium and scaled cut that becomes asymmetrical with the side half-crop.

The curly tuft on the forehead is elegantly sculpted to give a dynamic touch and the make-up is natural with the focus on the lips painted in deep pink. A minimalist, jewel-free look, in which the 64-year-old star’s flawless skin shines.

The soft and super light curls

A few hours earlier, the actress had been spotted upon her arrival at Nice airport thanks to her silvery and wild hair look that never goes unnoticed, in which the main element is the extra volume.

As soon as she gets off the plane, the star stands out effortlessly with her cascade of soft, flowing curls, luminous even away from the red carpet. And maybe she is even more beautiful than when she is perfectly combed.

Last year’s hairstyles

Same beach, same sea, same color. It is not the first time that the protagonist of  “Green Card” arrives on the red carpet of the Croisette with silver hair, already at Cannes 2021 we had seen her parading radiant and proud of her new natural color.

At the time, the hair was much longer and more voluminous, with the unmistakable curls that have always been her stylistic signature and the big change had recently taken place.

“With the first lockdown, the gray regrowth started to be evident and my children kept telling me how good I was.” She explained, to tell how that beauty gesture so rebellious for a Hollywood star was born in total simplicity.


Author: Michael Zippo
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Sources: VanityFair, IO Donna

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