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Burn the house of Lady Diana

It was the fields surrounding the house that caught fire, revealed Count Charles Spencer, Lady Diana's younger brother. A few hours earlier, a record 40 degrees had been recorded in the area.

Althorp House, the family residence of the Spencers and the resting place of Lady Diana's remains, is the latest victim of the fires which, due to record temperatures never recorded in the country, have struck British territory in recent days.

The fire in Lady Diana's house

The emergency services immediately rushed, delimiting the area and managing to put out the flames in a few hours. The damage, said Charles Spencer, 58 years old and younger brother of the princess, is huge but fortunately there were no victims when the fire quickly spread to the cultivated fields surrounding the main residence.

The flames in Althorp and then suffered the rain

The crops on the estate are completely destroyed, revealed the ninth Earl Spencer, but the flames have fortunately spared the place where his sister Diana is buried, hidden by tall trees on an islet of Lake Oval, within the estate. A few hours later, the rain finally arrived.

The house of Lady Diana as a child

Located in the English county of Northamptonshire and just a few hours' drive from London, Althorp has been the home of the Spencers for over 500 years. It was there that Princess Diana spent the years of her childhood and adolescence.

Destined to inherit it, despite being only Charles's fourth child, is Viscount Louis Spencer, 28. An ancient law dictates, in fact, that the entire property is inherited only by the first son, and not by his older sisters, much more famous than him, Kitty, Eliza and Katya Amelia.

Althorp House is open to the public

Until 29 August it is possible to visit, as every summer, the main residence of Althorp, with its vast collection of historical paintings and porcelain, and the well-kept gardens that surround it, including the memorial built after the disappearance of the princess. The estate is open daily from 11am to 5pm and the adult ticket costs £ 25 (around 30 euros).

Author: Michael Zippo
[email protected]

Sources: VanityFair, IO Donna


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