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Brian Tracy, the author of “Eat This Frog” book

Brian Tracy is a renowned speaker and specialist in training and personal development for individuals and companies. He has delivered over 5,000 lectures and seminars to more than 5 million people worldwide and his books have been translated into more than 40 languages and 64 countries.

Brian Tracy

Brian Tracy is the CEO of Brian Tracy International, a company specialising in training and development of individuals and organisations. He is an expert on productivity and the author of numerous books, including Later is Now, The Phoenix Metamorphosis and Earning More, all published by the same publisher.

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Brian Tracy Net Worth

In January 2021, Brian Tracy is a best-selling author with a net worth of $16 million. The author knows four different languages and continues to inspire millions.

Brian Tracy Net Worth

Brian Tracy has earned all this money through hard work. There was a time when his family couldn't afford to pay their bills and the brothers wore charity clothes. As of now, he is married and the proud father of 4 children. Brian's children are married and successful.

Brian has shown the world that perseverance and hard work; one can climb the social ladder and become a well known personality. Brian is known for his motivational speeches and has inspired many aspiring entrepreneurs.

The entrepreneur, author and speaker has travelled to over 107 countries, and even today, Brian Tracy is unstoppable!

Brian Tracy is a renowned personal development novelist and motivational speaker. He is known for having written over 70 books translated into several languages. Brian has consulted for over 1000 major companies and has produced over 300 video and audio learning programmes.

You may know Brian Tracy very well, but do you know how old he is, how tall he is and what his net worth will be in 2021? If you don't know, we have prepared this article about Brian Tracy short biography-wiki details, career, professional life, personal life, current net worth, age, height, weight and other facts. Well, if you are ready, let's get started.


Brian Tracy was born in 1944 on January 5. He is a Canadian-American public speaker from Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada. He was born into a family where paying bills was a constant concern. Their bills went unpaid and there was a financial burden! Brian had three brothers and they wore charity clothes.

The young man dropped out of school and worked hard to provide a quality lifestyle for his family!

Brian Tracy travelled the world in his car and then cycled through France and Spain. He travelled for eight long years and survived many dangers along the way! Did you know that Brian has travelled to over 80 countries? It's true!

Brian Tracy Fortuna


Brian Tracy started as a salesman. He wanted to be the best at his job! After years of travelling, Brian did the job of a salesman. Once he mastered the art of selling, Brian moved on to bigger and better things!

Brian entered the world of real estate, marketing and business! He rose to the position of Director of Operations in a reputable company. Brian Tracy is a knowledgeable man and has studied many subjects ranging from economics, history, personal development and much more.

Brian Tracy has his own company, known as Brian Tracy International. In this company he trains individuals as well as companies to achieve their business and personal goals. Brian's training techniques are beneficial to both individuals and businesses.

Brian Tracy is the author of 70 books, which have been translated into several languages.

Brian Tracy Patrimonio

Early years

Originally lived in a poor family. Leaving school shortly before graduation, Tracy settled down to work for a steamship and travelled the world for eight years, visiting over eighty countries on five continents.

Leaving the Chernobyl job, Tracy took up sales. At first, he studied on the example of more successful colleagues, but at the end of the first year of work received the position of senior salesman. After two years at the age of 25, he was already vice president and managed 95 subordinates.

Other career

Brian's book Tracy "Achieving the Maximum" entered the list of 50 classic books on motivation and leadership "50 classic success stories" (2004).

In March 2008, Tracy and his business partners created ILEARINGGLOBAL, which holds online training and seminars.

In 2010, he founded Brian Tracy University – online courses for entrepreneurs, business people and sales managers. Among Brian's clients are world-renowned trains, such as Arthur Andresen and.

Brian Tracy has Bachelor's degrees in business, Master's degrees and is the President of Brian Tracy International, headquartered in San Diego, whose associate members are located in various cities in the United States and other countries around the world.

Brian Tracy Fortune

Awards and achievements

Brian Tracy is not an unknown name. His books are known all over the world! Brian is world famous for his approach to personal and business development. He has consulted with over 1000 companies and spoken to over millions of people.

The greatest achievement is that his books have been translated into several languages. The best-selling author has produced over 300 video and audio learning programmes. His best-sellers include "Psychology of Achievement".

Brian Tracy founded a university that trains individuals and businesses. He has achieved much in life. Brian is a married man with four children.

Brian Tracy Eat this Frog

Brian Tracy Quotes

"It's sad that people are poor, because they haven't decided to be rich yet. They are overweight and out of shape because they haven't even decided to be healthy and athletic. People waste their time inefficiently, because they have not decided to spend their time spending their time than they have. "
"Simple family and parenting problem solver: spend more time with people who are the roads and about whom you love each other"
"People who get along well with almost everyone"
"Change your thinking and you will change your life".
"Nobody is better than you. No one is smarter than you. They just started earlier. "
"Fly with the Eagles, don't go with the Turks!"

Brian Tracy changes your thinking – and your life

"Change your thinking and you will change your life, Brown Tracy", "This article will examine questions on:" How to change your thinking", "Where to start changing your thinking", "How thinking affects our lives", "Brian Tracy's tips, "Brian Tracy studies" and much more.

What is the fact that you have your life, is the greatest value to you? The answer is thinking. Thinking is the most important thing you have.

Many years ago I started to study time management and ways to manage time, later I created several programs and wrote many books on this subject. Now my time management books are among the most popular in the world. They are published in 38 countries. But I continued and continued to study this issue and once in the process of study, I came across the Word that seemed very important to me. That word is consequences.

Eat this Frog


Consequences are about everything you do is the consequence of what you do. I came to the conclusion that it is only those actions that play a significant role in our lives, which lead to significant consequences. And those events and relationships that don't carry serious consequences are not important.

What is the difference between exceptional people and the media? The exceptional people work on those cases that have exceptional consequences.

The man in the middle is doing something that does not bear major consequences. It turns out that the most successful people are the most productive than others. As a result, their lives are more saturated and interesting.

So the question is, what in our lives can cause the most significant consequences? Answer – to think. Thinking leads us to greater consequences. Your thinking affects decision making, your thinking ultimately affects actions and actions of course determine the outcome. And in business, the most important word is the word. Remuneration is obtained based on results.

We have to achieve high results. Our task is to enter a new level of productivity, to get more reward for high results and for yourself personally, and for your company. What you think has a direct impact on all of this.
Your thoughts affect solutions. Your life today is a consequence of those solutions you took in the past.

If you want to change your future, you need to make qualitatively new solutions, you need to think new, you need to think better and in this article we will look at some snapshots.

So, thinking is the most important aspect of your business and our thoughts lead us to the question "What is happening in the world today? And the changes in the world and the most important factor that determines our success and our life is changes, as well as the speed of these changes in various areas. According to the study, three important factors were allocated, which determine these changes.

Information. Its volume is growing at such a speed, more than ever before. We see this in all areas of knowledge. Some experts say that the volume of knowledge in the world by 2020 will multiply every 72 hours. Every 72 hours, the amount of global knowledge will double, it's incredible when you think about it. 90% of all the thinkers, writers, scientists that we know are alive, they are our contemporaries with you and they are working, generating information to the global range of knowledge. And our task is to constantly draw from this source of knowledge in order to understand what is happening to us or around us.

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Monitoring technology

Technology. Technologies are developing now more than ever. We have not seen such speed in the history of mankind.

Here is an example of me and my family started to buy an Apple iPhone. I was using Nokia. But 8 years ago, it was not physically, and now Ipada appeared, iPhones. Who knows what new technical developments will surprise us next year.

Brian Tracy books

Everything is developing, everything is moving very fast and every new aspect of knowledge increases this speed of transformations and a breakthrough increases the speed of other transformations and other breakthroughs. This propeller is turning faster and faster.

The future belongs to those who risk, do not seek security. Life is paradoxical in the sense that the more security you seek, the less it turns out to be. But if you constantly look for new opportunities and move to deliberate risk, you are much more likely to gain stability and peace.

Being competitive

Competitive. A very influential friend of mine teaches a school. He says that there are three factors that help you get ahead: competition, competition and competition.
Competition in business determines your sales level, competition determines your profits. Competition determines the rate of growth and your personal income. And it defines your future, in the end, that is a fact. It's not just a wish or a hope, it's just a bare fact. Competition is getting stiffer by the year.

Reflecting on your business, you must constantly ask yourself, what changes are coming around. Thinking is really the most important thing of all that you have to do. A great man once said that thought is given to a person the hardest, so many people don't try to think. They are more likely to die than to think. Thinking allows us to control our future.

Your beautiful brain can lift you from poverty to wealth, turn you off from a single universal favourite, get you out of depression, make you a good and happy if you use it properly.

Brian Tracy wife

Have a clear and clear picture, so what do you want

Clarity or clarity determines 95% of success. Successful people understand clearly who they are and what they want.
Ask yourself one question, what are you trying to do? What are you trying to change about your business and what are you trying to change about your personal life? If you ask people, most will say "well, I don't know." I'm trying to organise sales, I'm trying to win, but that's not enough.

In order to succeed, we need to have absolute clarity about what we are going to achieve.

Ask yourself the right questions

The second question that should be asked is how will I achieve my goals? When our business goes wrong and you are disappointed and upset, ask yourself one question, how can I try to achieve my goal? Are my methods working? The only question that should be asked of ourselves constantly is "is it working? Is it "effective?" Is it effective "does it bring those results I need?".
I will tell you that in times of rapid change, most of what you do now may not work or not work as you imagine.

But even an excellent question, how many solutions that take today will later be a mistake? What percentage of your solutions do you think will be wrong over time?
Living studies show, 70% of your solutions will be wrong. This is the average. This means that some people are more than 70% less wrong. But the average is such 70%.
Therefore, it is very important to allow you to go to your goal ill, not as the way. Ask yourself the question "is it possible to do it in another way, do you propose a different solution of resolution?"

No matter what you always do, there is a more perfect way to achieve your goals. Therefore, we must be attentive to different options, be open, be prepared for the fact that there is a different solution. How to detect it?

One of the most important tasks is to study the experience of your competitors and understand what they do, how they do it and try to learn something from them.

Brian Tracy Eat this Frog book

Many people make the same major mistake – psychological. They criticise their competitors. If you criticise your competitors, you will build a wall that prevents you from learning from your competitors.

Many people criticise successful people, we see it all over the world. People criticise those who have achieved something. If you criticise successful people, you will build a wall that prevents you from learning from them.

You put yourself in the position of a loser, because successful people admire other successful people. They are trying to learn something. Criticism automatically cuts off your success at the root. When you criticise successful people, they will not harm them in any way, because they don't care what you say about them.

There is a rule that you always attract into your life what you admire. If you admire successful people, you absorb their ideas and concepts that will lead you to success. This is a wonderful rule.

If you criticize success, you leave your life those who could lead you to success. Everything you do to improve the self-esteem of others, at the same time increases your own.

The principle of "thinking with zero marks

The next important principle, the principle of thinking with a zero mark. In terms of life, it looks like this, I ask myself a question "What I am doing today, if I knew what I know today, would I start doing it again? Should I start it or not? ".

This is a great question that changes people's lives and changes their business. Ask yourself any relationship, business or personal that you are comfortable with or not, about which you can discuss in this vein. If I knew what I know now, would I start these relationships?

In terms of business, you ask the question "Does the person I am working with now, my partner or one of the employees, make sense to continue working with them afterwards? Would I want to hire this person if I knew about them, which I know now? ".

I was reading a business journal once when it flew on the plane and it was talking about five ways to change your business. And one of the ways is to reject your customers, especially to reject your worst customers. Because your worst customers bring you the most problems. They take your money, they are a source of dissatisfaction and problems. These are the customers who constantly complain and those who don't pay you.

Many companies have gone in the same way, they have changed their business model, they have looked at each of their customers and decided to continue working with them or not. They asked themselves if they would continue to work with these customers if they were new customers. If the answer is not, then they call them up and say, you know, it's better that you work with our competitors, it will be useful for you and for us.

So it's extremely important for us to ask you that question in relation to any relationship in our lives.

A turning point

I have found that every successful person I have ever spoken with was a turning point. That turning point came when they made a clear, definite and unequivocal decision that they were not going to live as usual. They decide to succeed. Someone makes that decision at 15, someone at 50. Most people never do.

The third sphere, the third rule is an attitude towards investments. There are three types of investments and it is very important to understand that people hate to lose something. It is not in our nature, we have a congenital desire to buy. It motivates us, but at the same time we are not afraid of losing, it holds. The fear of losing is 2 or 3 times stronger emotionally than the desire to acquire.

So there are three areas of investment.

Investment of time. A lot of people invest a lot of their time in a product or a service or to explore the new mandate, the new technologies. And now when they think about it, they look around and understand, I spent in vain time. Or the market has changed dramatically and your investment of time is no longer valuable. Then give it up.
Investing money. We often invest a lot of money and then come to the conclusion that we were wrong, we lost a lot of money. A big mistake is that we put even more time and money into what doesn't work and we understand that it doesn't lead anywhere.
Emotional investment. Emotions are managed by our lives, we have put a lot into the emotional sphere. We put emotions in our business, in building personal relationships, we invest a lot of emotions in our career. You have to have the courage to look the truth in the eye and say yes, knowing what I know now, I would not want to join those relationships.
Start applying these principles and keys from Brown Tracy. Change your thinking and you will change your life!

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Reliable plan offered positive! Changes in your life due to changes in your personal ideas about yourself and their hidden potential (up to the pore!).

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All books by Brian Tracy

Embrace the toad!

There's never enough time to do everything on your to-do list, and there never will be enough time either. In fact, successful people don't try to do everything.

They learn to focus on the most important tasks and make sure they get done. There is an old adage that if you start each day by swallowing a live toad, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that this is probably the worst thing you will do all day.

Swallow the toad! shows you how to focus all your efforts on organising your time, and on the crucial tasks that you are most likely to put off until tomorrow, even though they would probably have the greatest positive impact on your life. Not only will you get more done in less time, but you will also stick to what really needs to be done.

In his characteristically high-energy style, bestselling author and highly acclaimed speaker Brian Tracy gets straight to the heart of good personal time management: decisiveness, discipline and determination. He details twenty-one practical, achievable steps that will help you stop procrastinating and get more important things done today!

The power of self-confidence

The level of self-confidence determines the degree of ambition we put into each goal we set for ourselves. The higher it is, the more persevering we will be in overcoming the obstacles in our way.

With this book, everyone will learn to acquire an unshakeable self-confidence.

Clarify your values and live by them to become the best person you can be;

Set clear goals and write down the means to achieve them;

Program your subconscious mind to react positively to difficulties.

Master of your time, master of your life

According to Clement Stone, Napoleon Hill's loyal partner who built one of the first billion-dollar companies, the first commandment of success was "Success doesn't wait. Get to work! People who apply this key principle achieve more, experience less stress, develop a strong sense of self-discipline and demonstrate remarkable perseverance.

This book contains valuable insights gleaned by Napoleon Hill during his study of the world's leading businessmen. Judith Williamson, director of the Napoleon Hill World Study Center, has collected for you exclusive works by Napoleon Hill that have one goal: to help you do what needs to be done now.

These readings will enable you to fulfill your visions by doing what is right for you in the present moment. By putting your heart into each of your actions you become the scriptwriter of your life and the perpetual engine of your personal success. Do this and life will reveal its finest jewels.

The Art of Success

Written for those who want to overcome their challenges and achieve their dreams, but don't really know where to start, this is a feel-good book that helps you believe in your potential and get on the road to success.

Brian Tracy details the 7 key steps to success:

1. Knowing yourself and your goals;

2. The importance of staying focused;

3. Paying attention to consequences;

4. Pursuing your goals sine qua non;

5. the absolute search for excellence

6. the indispensable quality of one's surroundings;

7. and finally, perseverance.

A book to accomplish more in a few months than most people do in a lifetime.

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