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Brendan Fraser wears a watch on his wrist that will win you over in no time

Brendan Fraser wears a watch on his wrist that will win you over in no time

Thanks to the release of the film The Whale, the actor has just returned to the spotlight and has chosen the company of a great companion worthy of the situation.

Brendan Fraser is back in a big way. His forthcoming film, The Whale, is gaining great buzz ahead of the Oscars. This means that soon his schedule will be all about parties, galas, promotional events, VIP dinners, luxury magazine covers, award ceremonies and red carpets! In short, a series of mundane engagements that need to be honoured by the company of a watch worthy of the situation and a true giant of the cinema, a killer timepiece! 

So, Fraser turned to a great model: the Omega De Ville Prestige, nomen omen. It is a sober and elegant specimen, exactly the kind of article suitable for all the events Fraser will be attending in his near future. Fraser's De Ville is a timeless watch. Where does this certainty come from? Because the pieces from 1967, the year the collection was launched, do not look so different from those made today. The numerals have changed and the position of the characters on the dial has been altered, but the De Ville's slim, minimalist design has withstood the passing decades. It will now have a front row seat on Fraser's wrist in what promises to be an exciting award-winning season.

Lionel Messi's Patek Philippe Nautilus 

Things can only get better for Lionel Messi, whose Argentina national team got off to a poor start against Saudi Arabia in what was quite possibly the match with the least predictable surprise result in World Cup history. So, as he waits to complete the comeback and still gain access to the round of 16, the player wears a symbol of victory on his wrist: it's a really cool watch, Leo! Messi's white gold Nautilus is an anticipation of the future of the line. Although Patek Philippe has retired the popular stainless steel Nautilus (known as reference 5711), it has replaced it with an almost identical version of the watch in white gold, like the one worn by the Argentinean champion. I bet it gives him the right charge.

Lebron James' Audemars Piguet Royal Oak

Lebron James has never missed a beat when it comes to watches. This week the King sported AP's new Royal Oak in blue ceramic. The most elegant blue creation since the Eiffel 65: the dial, sundial, case, bracelet and ceramic crown are each in the same shade. AP has experimented with monochrome ceramic watches in black and white, but the blue model in question may be the best of the bunch.

David Beckham's Tudor Black Bay Fifty Eight

David Beckham, ambassador of Tudor, recently found himself having to choose from a wide range of fine watchmaking jewellery. The brand has spent 2022 churning out a number of top-notch models: the Black Bay Pro GMT with its delightful lemon-yellow hand, the refined Ranger and the red-line Pelagos are all fresh on the market. However, this week Beckham returned to one of the brand's best releases from last year: the Black Bay Fifty Eight Bronze, sported at the World Cup. The Tudor Fifty Eight line is a reference to the year 1958 and the pieces that are part of it aesthetically recall the watches of that era. They are inspired by the original Tudor diver's watch and are slightly smaller on the wrist. Added to this is a little modern magic: in 2021, there was nothing more beautiful than making a watch out of bronze, which fades much more quickly than other materials.

Josh Groban's Rolex Cosmograph Daytona

Thanksgiving is now behind us and that means we can finally move on to the Christmas music season. The King of Noel, Josh Groban, is ready to kick off the festivities and for the occasion he is wearing the beloved Daytona model from Rolex. Impossible to buy retail, gorgeous and sold on the secondary market for many times the original price, this is the kind of timepiece Groban really has Father Christmas to thank for.

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