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Brad Pitt proves he’s the king of casual looks for the “Bullet Train” tour

After the skirt worn in Berlin for the premiere of Bullet Train, Brad Pitt continued the tour in Europe, then in Asia, in costumes rather "cool". In pictures, return on a Brad Pitt with decomplexed looks. 

For the promotion of Bullet Train, Brad Pitt has dodged the stuffy suit of gentlamen. The American actor – who plays the role of Ladybug in the feature film by David Leitch – had dared to wear a skirt on July 19, in Berlin. A few days earlier, the David Mills of Seven (1995), had presented himself in a salmon pink outfit in Paris. The tour continued in England, then in Seoul and Tokyo.  

Brad Pitt was revealed in full denim suits, fresh and colorful sets, sneakers … In pictures, return on the "coolest" looks of the international tour of Brad Pitt.

Ode to Brad Pitt (who was sorely missed).

Carefree like this has not been seen in a long, long time. And to the playful version of Brad Pitt the public had become totally disaccustomed, but in recent weeks, aided by the promotion of the film Bullet train (now in Italian theaters), the 58-year-old Hollywood star has taken back what is rightfully his, a prominent place in Hollywood's Olympus.

The forty-eight months between the wedding and Angelina Jolie's filing for divorce have seemed as long as twenty years in the eyes of fans (and perhaps to his own): there have been dramas, arguments, and now legal battles over custody of their six children. This gray cloud has clouded everything, not just his private life, putting an abysmal distance between the actor and the public. Pulled face, dull expression, serious, indeed very serious speeches: there was no room for the lightheartedness with which he instead infected everyone on carpets halfway around the world during the promotional tour. 

Not only did she color the red carpet with all shades of the rainbow, with light and cheerful looks (skirts included), but she also played with photographers by improvising martial arts moves, making funny faces, performing dances and jumps in front of colleagues posing for the ritual shots. Not to mention photobombing and taking selfies. It's all documented, but this was no pro-camera charade.

In Brad Pitt that spark of life has returned. Away from home, acquaintances, friends, children and the whole daily routine, he literally took off. Like an eternal Peter Pan he regained the will to laugh and make people smile, let himself go, as if he had finally managed to break a spell.

Partly it may be thanks to Ladybug, the bumbling killer he plays in the film, it probably did him good to shoot in Japan for weeks at a time, light years away from Hollywood showbusiness. Perhaps it is the result of the balmy effect that the presence of friends has on the spirit: directing him is David Leitch, whom he has had beside him since he first stood in for him in Fight Club. Theirs sounds a bit like the relationship Quentin Tarantino enacted between him and Leonardo DiCaprio in Once Upon a Time in… Hollywood: they are each other's sidekick and rock, in a kind of unbreakable bromance.

And that is how everyone likes him, probably even himself: almost reborn, spontaneous and unpredictable. This side of Brad Pitt had been lost for a while, almost two decades probably, since the days of Ocean's Eleven, with that rowdy crew headed by another friend, George Clooney. 

Then he met Jolie on the set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith, filed away his marriage to America's sweetheart Jennifer Aniston, and kicked off a more adult chapter of existence, at least in common feeling. Already included in the new partner's package were two children (Maddox and Zahara, previously adopted by the actress), and within a few months he found himself three times a dad (with the birth of the two's first biological child, Shiloh). 

In the gradual transformation something of the "old" Brad had been lost. Between the problems with alcohol, the struggle with his demons and the painful end of the marriage. The darkest chapter would lie in an FBI file obtained a few days ago by CNN. It is a 2006 complaint accusing the actor of domestic violence against Angelina Jolie. The incident allegedly took place in the air, when the drunken actor allegedly tried to hit his wife, and then one of their children. The complaint stayed there, the truth never came out. Sadly.

The Brad Pitt of 2022 seems to be light years away from that man. Today he appears serene. And the audience wishes him just that, that he continues to marvel at telling stories and wanting to share with everyone. 


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