Boris Johnson to marry in estate of billionaire Tory party donor

After having said "yes" in the gardens of 10 Downing Street, it's time for the party. Admittedly, Boris Johnson has tendered his resignation and the Conservatives are fighting for his succession, but the former mayor of London will be celebrating this weekend: he will celebrate his marriage to Carrie Symonds, married in May 2021 in a ceremony Private at Westminster Cathedral.

Far from the small spring 2021 committee due to health restrictions linked to Covid-19, nearly 200 guests are expected at Daylesford House, a historic residence owned by Lord Anthony Bamford, businessman at the head of a fortune estimated at $4.6 billion according to Forbes. The British billionaire has been a staunch supporter of Boris Johnson since the campaign for Brexit, recalls the Times, and has given nearly 14 million pounds to the Conservative party since 2001.

A marquee has been set up on the grounds of Daylesford House, which is plan B for the organization of the wedding: the couple were originally to be married at Checkers, the holiday residence of the British Prime Minister for just over a century. The resignation of Boris Johnson has forced the couple to find a new place, but Daylesford House is not a choice of spite despite the last minute: listed building, immaculately maintained gardens as far as the eye can see, 18th century orangery, orchard heart-shaped, swimming pool, pizza oven… there is a church there, so it could host a religious ceremony. Guests can sleep in the luxurious cottages located on the estate.

Boris Johnson's children absent?

As for the plates, the bride and groom will be able to call on the services of Daylesford Organic Farm, the organic food company launched by Carole Bamford, the wife of Anthony Bamford, who sells products grown in Daylesford. Carrie and Boris Johnson are already customers of these shops, “the most BCBG” in Great Britain according to the terms of the Daily Mail: they would have ordered for 27,000 pounds of products delivered to 10 Downing Street during the pandemic. In the glasses, it is not impossible that Château Léoube rosé, the Provençal pied-à-terre of the Bamford family, is served.

The couple have gone through several controversies in recent years, from the cost of redecorating their official accommodation to the indiscreet revelations of the former councilor who fell into disgrace Dominic Cummings through the parties in full confinement. The Johnsons have two children, Wilfred and Romy, aged two years and seven months respectively. But it is not known if Boris Johnson's four eldest children, born of his marriage to lawyer Marina Wheeler, will be present at the ceremony. They were absent from last year's celebration.

Author: Michael Zippo
[email protected]

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