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Billie Eilish shows for the first time her tattoo that “no one was ever supposed to see”

Just a year ago Billie Eilish said in an interview that there is one tattoo on her body that "no one should ever see". Now she has changed her mind and shows all three of her tattoos in one video.

Billie Eilish is finally ready to share her tattoos with the world. Like so many young people, she has changed her mind about her appearance, her skin art and how much of it she wants to reveal. Because until now, she had kept her tattoos a secret. But now she has told her fans about all three of her tattoos – and shown them off, too.

For the past five years, Billie Eilish has sat down for a "Same Interview" with Vanity Fair every November, telling the magazine in 2021 that fans would "never see" her one tattoo. But in the latest issue, 2022, Billie Eilish reveals that she has changed her mind. At minute 17 in the video, she says that while she insisted on keeping her tattoo a secret last year, she's now happy to reveal it. And by the way, she actually has three tattoos in total.

On her sternum it says "Eilish" because, as Billie says, "Yes, I love myself." On her thigh is a large dragon she calls "Big Boy," which was visible when she wore a dress with a high thigh slit to the Met Gala. And the latest tattoo is a row of filigree fairies on her hand – an illustration from the book Fairyopolis: "They're like my little guardian angel fairies," she says.

Despite the silent objections of her mother (who throws her hands up in horror off camera), Billie Eilish says she already has "ideas" for more tattoos, but is in no hurry to "get completely tattooed." At the moment she is satisfied with her three motifs.


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