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Bill Murray accused of sexual assault on the set of his latest film

The shooting of Bill Murray's latest film was suspended in April due to "inappropriate behaviour". According to some sources, he committed a sexual assault on the set. 

Last May, Bill Murray admitted that he "did something he thought was funny, but it didn't come across that way". In other words, the complaint against him for "inappropriate behaviour" on the set of his latest film in mid-April was the result of a misunderstanding. Production of the film had been suspended. Six months later, details of the affair were revealed by an investigation by Puck magazine, which revealed the nature of the actor's "inappropriate behaviour" on the set of Being Mortal, directed by Aziz Ansari, which was due to be released in 2023. 

Several sources described to Puck a scene of sexual assault. Bill Murray, "particularly friendly with a much younger production employee […]," allegedly got on top of her and "began kissing her body. All this on the set, near a bed set up for a scene. The young woman later explained that she "couldn't move because he was heavier than her". After this episode, he allegedly kissed her on the mouth, both his and the victim's mouths covered by an anti-Covid mask. The victim was "horrified" and interpreted "his actions as entirely sexual", while the actor claimed it was a "joke". 

A hush-hush agreement for $100,000

At the time of the alleged events, Bill Murray considered that the young woman "had flirted with him". She filed a complaint. "A second staff member also witnessed the incident and also reported it," Puck added. A source close to the actor told the reporter that Bill Murray "felt bad", "because of what he thought was miscommunication, but also because that one moment cost his colleagues their jobs". After mediation with the victim, the actor reached a settlement. According to several sources, Bill Murray paid "a little over $100,000" and the production employee agreed to keep the matter quiet and renounced any claim against the film's producers, which are none other than the behemoths Searchlight and Disney. 

In the meantime, production of the film does not seem to have resumed. In fact, Puck says Being Mortal is "headed for cancellation". It remains to be seen what the legal consequences will be for the studios, who are bound by their contracts. 

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