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Beyoncé, glamorous muse of the latest jewelry campaign Tiffany & Co

A little more than a month after the release of her latest album, Beyoncé is the muse of the latest campaign of the jewelry house Tiffany & Co. A glamorous, sexy and elegant campaign, as we could expect with Queen B. 

Queen B never ceases to dazzle us. This time, the singer is wearing jewels signed Tiffany & Co. Beyoncé continues her collaboration with the house for a second campaign. After Everything is love, which she shared with her husband and "muse" Jay-Z, the singer is the muse of Lose Yourself in love. 

A little over a month after the release of her latest album, Renaissance, Beyoncé shines, admires, photographs and poses for Tiffany & Co. to the sound of the last song on her album, Summer Renaissance. The teaser, announcing a video to come, is signed Dikayl Rimmasch. The director has collaborated with the star on several occasions, including the On The Run and Formation tours, and the Lemonade album. 

The jewelry collection was conceived as a "celebration of individuality, love and universal connection" and a "fiery and elegant tribute to the joy of being yourself." Beyoncé is portrayed as "the ultimate modern female icon" and a "beacon of confidence" in keeping with the values that Tiffany stands for. In a press release, Beyoncé said she was "honored to continue the partnership with Tiffany and Co. and to further explore the beauty of our relationship.

One of the pieces was created especially for the campaign: the Tiffany HardWear necklace, made of 18-karat gold links, "three times larger than Tiffany necklaces," says the house. The proof is in the pictures, with a series of glamorous, sexy and elegant promotional shots. 


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