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Best dry herb vaporizer under $100

There was a time when any vape under $100 was likely to scare people away from vaping altogether, but those days are long gone. We’ve tested many portable vapes over the years at Planet of the Vapes and found a few brands that offer a lot of value at lower prices. Our selections offer satisfying vapor and essential features, without forcing you into a few choices.
Our favorite brands to recommend for the best affordable vaporizer are Flowermate, X Max, Boundless and Dynavap, all of which use conduction ovens. If using concentrate is more your style, the Saionara will outperform any name brand vape pen you can find, while costing you less.

Flowermate has been producing great, inexpensive vaporizers for years, making them a mainstay when looking for the best dry herb vaporizer under $100. X Max and Focus Vapes like to add one of our favorite features, user-replaceable batteries, to their already solid lines.

Grenco Science G Pen Pro dry herb vaporizer under $100

best dry herb vaporizer under $100

The G Pen Pro is by far the best dry herb vaporizer under $100. Grenco Science is known for designing high quality vapor, portable dab platforms and dry herb vapes with durable materials and the latest technology. There aren’t many dry herb vapes under $100 and you won’t find a better option at this price point.

G Pen Pro review dry herb vaporizer under $100

best dry herb vaporizer under $100

Streamlined with just one button, the G Pen Pro vape features precise temperature control with three temperature settings ranging from 375°F to 428°F, to meet every stoner’s needs. The ceramic heating chamber accommodates up to 0.25 grams of flowers and is ready to churn in less than 30 seconds. At just 4.5 inches in length, this is the ultimate portable dry herb vaporizer that can be easily slipped into your backpack or stored in the smallest of drawers. The durable aluminum body ensures that minor drops or dents that may occur while hiking or camping will not affect internal components. Most importantly, the vapor production is high and you’ll get consistently big hits, which is often an issue with cheap vapes, but not the G Pen Pro! This dry herb vaporizer is currently priced at $94.20 but you can get an extra 10% off if you check our online smoke shop for the discount code.

Storz n Bickel Mighty Vape

best dry herb vaporizer under $100

This luxury vape from Storz n Bickel lives up to its name with big plumes of vapor and a powerful battery. Mighty Vape works with concentrates and flowers so you can change things up.

KandyPens K-Vape Pro

best dry herb vaporizer under $100

K-Vape Pro by KandyPens is an inexpensive dry herb vaporizer that costs just over $100 and has been named the best dry herb vape of 2021. With a glass mouthpiece, half a gram chamber, pass-through charging and auto shut off off, you can’t go wrong with this affordable vape.


best dry herb vaporizer under $100

IQ2 is DaVinci’s latest dry herb vape, the IQ2, which works with dry herbs and concentrates. This 2-in-1 vaporizer can track your dose per stroke and per session, perfect for those who use microdoses. The smaller DaVinci Miqro vape is only compatible with dry herbs, but it’s ultra-portable for on-the-go smoking.

Pax 3

best dry herb vaporizer under $100

The elegant dry herb vape Pax 3 is an upgrade of its predecessor Pax 2. Made from medical grade materials, this 2-in-1 vaporizer is very discreet and heats up in seconds.

Arizer Solo II

best dry herb vaporizer under $100

What sets the Solo II apart from the rest is the borosilicate glass air path, which ensures that the vapor is not spoiled by any residual flavor. The powerful yet portable device can last up to three hours on a full charge.

Vaporizer under 100 dollars: Buying guide

To buy a good Vaporizer under $100, you need to pay attention to several key parameters:

  • Battery. Battery capacity affects the autonomy of the device.
  • Control. It can be mechanical, in which you need to press a button, or automated. The second option involves turning on the vaporizer when air is drawn in.
  • Thermocontroller. The most common protection element that turns off the heating element in case of overheating. Extremely useful feature for beginners.
  • Tank capacity. Determines how much liquid you can carry with you at one time. Also indicates the frequency of refills.
  • Equipment. An important parameter that determines the usability of the model. Any kit should include the vape itself, an e-liquid container, an automizer, and a charging cable. The battery is not provided in some models available on Aliexpress.

How to choose the best Vaporizer under 100

The desire to give up tobacco smoking, a tribute to fashion or ordinary interest – everyone comes to vaping for their own reason. Vaping is less harmful (nicotine-free and completely), and in the future, all the money invested in an electronic device pays off in full.

What can we say about the variety of flavors of vape liquids: here you have honey, and bacon, and even tobacco 😅.

The best vaporizers – what are they? How to choose the right one for a beginner?

If you do not delve into the abundance of terms – you still have time to get acquainted with them, you can highlight the main characteristics for choosing an electronic cigarette for only novice vapers.

As a beginner vaper, you will be primarily interested in serviceability. According to it, steam generators can be divided into 3 types:

  • Maintenance free. They belong to the category of budgetary ones, have a simple design, are compact, but are subject to disposal after the deterioration of the quality of steam or complete deterioration. On average, it takes no more than 2 weeks before the first breakdown of the heating element. They are of good quality;
  • Semi-maintained. The main elements in such vaporizers serve for a long time – only evaporative elements are subject to replacement. They lose in terms of vapor quality to a well-tuned serviced vape, but are more convenient for users who do not want to spend time learning how steam generators work;
  • Serviced. These include classic multifunctional drip atomizers and Genesis type vaporizers, respectively, the user must rewind such devices on their own, and they are more suitable for experienced vapers. The taste of liquids is revealed undeniably better, the vapor of the device releases more, and it is thicker. And the design of serviced vapes is more stylish and varied: a polished case made of many details, elegant carving, a mod stylized as a tree … Their advantages also include ease of cleaning from carbon deposits and a large volume of the e-liquid tank.


Cheap vaporizers are known to clog, have poor battery life, and even just stop working after a few sessions. If you are in the market for a dry herb vaporizer, we are about to pour the tea on a vape that ticks all the boxes and is much more affordable than others on the market. Read on for the best portable dry herb vaporizers under $100 and some of our favorites that are a bit more expensive but worth the investment.

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