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Best backpack mount for 360 camera

When it comes to taking immersive photos on your 360 degree camera while traveling to adventurous places or taking a nice bike ride with friends, the best 360 camera backpack mount is the best investment you can make. The gopro 360 camera backpack mount not only provides the most satisfying shooting angle, but also makes your vlogging life easier.

Choosing the best backpack mount for 360 camera

So if you are in the market and looking for the best 360 degree camera backpack mount, whether you have Gopro max, Insta360, kandao, Ricoh or any other, here we have some of the best camera mounts. backpack you can consider. purchase.

1. SUREWO backpack mount for 360 camera

best backpack mount for 360 camera

If you are serious about capturing your adventure activity then look no further than the stunt pack assembly. One of the best things about this backpack holder is its best fit and great comfort. The mount easily fits on your strap with the help of the ratchet buckle and locking screw. The good thing is that there are no metal and plastic parts that touch the body to hurt for a long time.

2. STUNTMAN backpack mount for 360 camera

best backpack mount for 360 camera

If you want one of the best 360 camera backpack mounts for recording immersive videos on bike, ice skiing or for your vlog, Surewo is the first best backpack mount you can consider. The main highlight that makes it really good is the shark-like clip design which is super strong, plus the build quality is icing on the cake.

3. VGSION backpack mount for 360 camera

best backpack mount for 360 camera

How do you like the 360 degree camera mount accessory kit? If you are interested, I would like to introduce the Vgsion Camera Accessory Kit to you. Here in the kit you get a chest mount, a head strap mount, a wrist strap mount and a backpack clip mount, which allows you to shoot at different angles, and you can engage in adventurous activities such as skating, riding biking and hiking without any worries.

4. TELESIN backpack mount for 360 camera

best backpack mount for 360 camera

If you’re an occasional 360 shooter and want an inexpensive backpack mount, let me introduce the Telesin backpack mount. One is quite soft on the shoulder thanks to the stretchy nylon and polycarbonate construction. One offers a lightweight experience and is very easy to use on a backpack strap.


These were some of the best 360 camera backpack mounts you can use to take immersive shots. If you are looking for the best option for professional photography, I would recommend STUNTMAN & SUREWO to you. On the other hand, VGSION and TELESIN are pretty good budget options that you might want to consider.

However, I’ve thought of other options, and in fact you can use almost any backpack to make it dirty cheap. Some backpacks have a small, full-size pocket on the back for a laptop. All you have to do is cut a plank of plywood or some strong plastic the size of one of the largest laptops to completely fill this bag. Then mount brackets on the piece on the board to hold your monopod pole. If you cut small holes for the mounts on the back of your backpack so the mounts come out the other side of the backpack, you get a 360 degree camera backpack.

It will basically be similar to the “Third Person View Mount…” product above, with the only difference being that whatever will be hidden inside the backpack and brackets will be attached to the DIY board, not what the commercial one shows. product.

I just checked my wheeled backpack, unscrewed the button on the top of the telescoping handle. I see there is a way to add a 1/4 screw in there if you don’t care about retracting/folding the handle. Also I can use this backpack with plank idea and also keep my backpack intact from any modifications.


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